Living the Good Life, Episode 72 (February 23, 2018): Very nice amount of writan completed!

Very nice week this time! I hope all of ’em go this well…


Darling in the FranXX ep. 6: This was a fun episode. Most of it taken up by fighting, of course, but the bit of dialogue also reveals a little about Zero-2’s reasons for fighting. As expected, the good guys have to face off against a giant monster, just as whatever Hiro’s affliction is grows in severity enough to kill him. It apparently does, his mech stops working, the big monster is poised to destroy them all, and all seems lost, until he has a death’s-door vision that tells him to stand up and fight for his beloved instead of just laying down and dying. Naturally he he regains his spirit, somehow overcomes his infection, and proceeds to slaughter the big bad. Yay! Fun times.

Junji Ito Collection ep. 7: The first part was kind of unsettling, though not super scary. It revolves around a mysterious record that seems to completely obsess anyone who comes into contact with it, and, well, you can imagine how that turns out 😛

The second part…okay, this one didn’t make much sense. It started off with something about the ‘Aristotle Method,’ where if someone is sleeping and someone else whispers in their ear, the person will show up in their dreams, but then turns into a kind of surreal romp through a crazy, messed-up town where everyone is wearing masks, and its unclear if the protag is still dreaming. Very weird 😛



Starseeker’s got mah stuff, but she’s really busy busy. Still, no problem for me, in the meantime Sky can keep timing 😀


Nothin much this week, busy with writan :p


Latest chapter of Berserk, 354:

Casca’s back. After 22 years, Casca’s finally coming back.

That…that’s all I can say. Just…that’s it. Wow.


VERY good times! Got my latest Phoenix Point fanfic out:

My longest as well, 6770 words, 5000 of which were written on Wednesday night ;D That felt good…that oughta prove I’ve still got the writing touch–it’s not quite 10,000 words, but I only started late at night, if I’d started earlier I woulda beat that record easily. So that’s certainly a relief 😀 I also did get a significant amount of progress done on Chapter 2 of my secret project…but only about 4000 words this entire week, with the chapter as a whole being much longer, by the looks of it. I’d better pick up da pace…I’ll try to do that next week. Next week I want chapter 2 done at minimum ;o


So yeah, pretty productive week! See ya next time~

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