Living the Good Life, Episode 71 (February 16, 2018): More fun, more productivity, though not a happy Valentine’s day…

I’ve had a great week, brothers and sisters, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Here’s the good stuff that happened to me:


Darling in the FranXX Episode 5: No mecha fighting in this one, but it did provide some background info on the world, setting, and also why Zero-2 is so dangerous to pilot with. Aside from being a loose cannon (which you could tell from her personality), she interferes with the biology of her co-pilot somehow. But Hiro’s willing to take the risk anyways. Can’t wait for the next episode, there’s gonna be a big battle there.

Junji Ito collection ep. 6: The first part of this one was a weird story about a kid with a scary, diseased-looking woman for a neighbor, and there’s some weird horror when the woman tries to get into his house by expanding her second floor window closer and closer to his like it was some organic creature. The visuals were frightening and the woman unsettling, but it wasn’t really something that stayed with me.

The second part of the episode, though, was really good. This one I don’t wanna spoil cause it’s so good, but suffice it to say that it’s a great take on a ghost story, the premise of which I’d wager most of you have heard before. I’ll let you guys watch to the end to see which one I’m talking about, but it’s pulled off pretty well here, IMO. 😀




Star’s busy with another project, but I sent the materials for the next ep of Dragonar to her. Hopefully she’ll get to those eventually~


A ton of Subnautica, mainly. This is a survival game where you play as a dude who crash-landed on an alien waterworld and you need to craft various weapons, submarines, and equipment to survive and eventually get back home–you also need to feed yourself and get potable water! So yeah, pretty standard crafting survival game, but what really sets it apart is the aesthetics. They NAILED the image of a sea planet, especially the depths! I admit to being a bit of a thalassophobe, but I think most people will be unnerved by the sounds of gigantic, leviathan-sized creatures swimming around in the pitch-black darkness of the deepest parts of the ocean, and outrightly terrified when they actually encounter one of the giant sea monsters. That feeling alone made the game worth paying for, IMO. On the bad side, it is kinda janky at times, there are some islands you can walk on and it’s easy to get your character stuck on some of the environmental features, and the graphics, while pleasant to look at, do seem kind of bright and cartoony. Still, that might be to some people’s tastes, I didn’t mind it. So yeah, I’d recommend this game! 😀

Also played through the second Blasphemous prototype, which was released just yesterday! Here’s the video:

I also bought Shadow of the Colossus for the PS4–third time I’ve bought that game (first two were on the PS2 and PS3). Honestly, I bought it more to show my support for SoTC than anything else…it’s a wonderful game, but I’ve beat it like 50 times and don’t have the energy to go through it again. I beat the first few Colossi, though, you can see it on my Youtube 😀


Not much this week, too much writan :p I did read The Briefing: Part 3 for Phoenix Point, though–a lot of nice short stories for the New Jericho faction, which gave me inspiration for:


Productive week! Got another Phoenix Point story out:

Also made a TON of progress on my secret project, got some significant work done on its second chapter. So yeah, I’ve had a very good week, but as I said, not everyone did…my heart goes out to the victims of the shooting on Valentine’s Day. What a horrible event…why would anyone do that on what should be such a happy day? Shit…this really puts a damper on things. See you next week, everybody…hopefully that goes better 😦


  1. johnkutensky · · Reply

    I’m so looking forward to Phoenix Point. I liked the latest briefing, especially the soldiers dumb enough to eat mutated fish-monster flesh.

    1. Yeah, that story was great XD

      1. johnkutensky · ·

        A little off-topic, but have you seen this footage yet? God, it looks amazing.

      2. Yeah, I’ve seen it floating around. I’m glad UnstableVoltage had more time to explore the demo, Julian didn’t get a chance to at the Twitch stream. The animations need a little work but the gameplay seems like an excellent fusion of the classic XCOM’s flexibility with the new Firaxis XCOM’s accessibility.

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