Living the Good Life, Episode 69 (February 2, 2018): Snowing again D:

Not a bad week, though it’s snowing again, which sucks. Ah, well. The lowdown:


Ep. 4 of the Junji Ito collection. The first episode was some really frightening body horror stuff about a cursed jade statue, and the second part involved a creepy puppet with a life of its own. Both parts were pretty damn scary, in both the imagery and the themes, with some frightening blood and gore at the end of the second part. I’m definitely liking this animated collection more and more as I watch it 😀

Darling in the FranXX ep. 3: This was pretty good. Our protag is feeling bad about how he messed up last time, so when his friends are sent out on a mission to fight some aliens he agrees to hang back. Naturally, they get into trouble, but…instead of saving them, he allows some other guy to co-pilot the special mech of his pink-haired gf. They slaughter the aliens, but the other guy can’t keep up with the girl and ends up horribly wounded, so it’s proof that the protagonist might have something good about him after all! Pretty cool, pretty cool.



Gonna send the next ep to Sky soon, and I should probably talk to Star about doing the final checks on another…I’ll get on dat ;o


Total War: Warhammer II again. This time I played through the Lizardman campaign, and…I’m a little frustrated. Why? Well, when I beat the final battle, the ending cinematic played, but…I didn’t get the “campaign complete” screen, no epilogue, and worst of all, no achievement for beating the game on the second-hardest difficulty! Argh, what a waste…I’m a little angry ):T Oh well…


Hmm, not much this week.


Got another PP fanfic up!

I worked mainly on that, but next week I’ll try to get some more work done on my main project.

And, as usual, that’s that. See ya next week!


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