Living the Good Life, Episode 68 (January 26, 2018): Little better, little better…

Well, this week wasn’t as cold as the last few, I’ve not been sick at all, and I’ve been having more fun! Here’s the lowdown..


Junji Ito collection ep 3: Man, now THIS was scary! I really found myself getting unnerved a couple of times. The first story was a very spooky, straight-up ghost story and they did a really good job of that. The second was a real body-horror type thing about a girl who turned into a snail, some VERY gross imagery! Eeew.

Darling in the FranXX ep 2: This is a training episode, where our protag, having shown his potential, has to try to hone it with his squadmates. Man, the way they pilot those mechs is just…XD I like the show, but it is really not subtle about the sex metaphors. But like I mentioned last week, it’s nice to see some romance now and then. Anyways, it seems like the protag is pretty useless in a mech unless he pilots with that horned girl. At least he’s not a Marty Stu. We’ll see how this goes…

Also watched the Q&A on Phoenix Point with Julian Gollop. Boy, this game sounds better and better the more I hear of it!




Skysky got another episode to me, I’ll send her another one too~


Not much this week, really. Busy with readan~


Checked out a brief but excellent article from Dr. Nathan Connolly on the word “neoliberalism:”

Y’all have probably heard the word “neoliberalism” thrown around a lot these days. You can be forgiven if you think it just means “something I don’t like!” but a more specific definition would be “the belief, which become much more prominent in the 70s and 80s, that the machinations of the free market are the best way of ordering society and that people ought to be considered as consumers and taxpayers first and citizens second.” Dr. Connolly deftly notes that this can also be considered a view of history, since it’s implicitly making a historical argument (something happened in the 1970s-80s to bring this ideology widespread purchase in the US and beyond). The problem with this argument, as he also deftly notes, is that black folks in the US (and non-white people in India, the West Indies, other European colonies generally, etc.) were living under “neoliberal” regimes for over a century before disco and poofy hairdos came into vogue. Since blacks had been effectively disenfranchised and stripped of their citizenship rights after Reconstruction fizzled out, the only way they could get any respect from whites was by positing themselves as good, all-American consumerists who paid their taxes and bought stuff white people sold–that is to say, they had been living under a “neoliberal” regime long before the rest of us assumedly were. Definitely a good little something to read if you want a deeper historical perspective on the development of the term.

Things I’ve been reading for fun:

Checked out Robbie MacNiven’s Death Warrant! A very fun little side-story about the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marines Carcharodons chapter–I’ve read other books from Robbie on this subject, as loyal readers will know. Essentially, Anjelika Trayn, an Imperial rogue trader (pretty much a 40k combination of prospector and treasure hunter) and her crew land on what seems to be an uninhabited planet. Naturally, they soon find out that it used to be inhabited, and in fact, still is, just not by humans. Judging by the Necron emblem on the cover, you can tell what aliens are sleeping there, and given the fact that this is a Robbie MacNiven story, you can bet the Carcharodons space marines will come by to deal with them!

The story, naturally, details Trayn’s attempts to survive as she’s caught between the inhuman Necrons and the almost as inhuman Carcharodons. Honestly, you don’t get as good an impression of the inhumanity of the latter in this story as you do in the others Robbie has written. There’s not much dialogue or background, it’s just a straight up tomb romp from start to finish. But if you’re looking for some action, then Robbie delivers, as always. The ending was a little happier than I expected (though not by much, obviously) and the Space Marines seem more like just generic stand-ins than the merciless but logical killing machines they were in, say, Red Tide or the other MacNiven book I read recently, “The Reaping Time.” Still, I had fun, so I’ll give this 4 stars.

Then I read Robbie MacNiven’s “The Reaping Time.” Now THIS was a Carcharodons story! Unremittingly brutal, bloody, and merciless! I don’t wanna spoil anything but suffice it to say that the ending is straight-up Carcharodons–not a shred of compassion or respite, just doing what they have to do, cold and hard. Definitely got my money’s worth with this short story. Awesome!!! Easily worth 5 stars!

Also checked out chapter 353 of Berserk. HOOOLY GOD DAMN!!!!!! Best Berserk in a while! Doggo Guts’s tail turns into his sword! He has a cannon in his mouth! He fights the demon-form of Griffith in Casca’s dream! And the final part of her memories is just within reach of the party, and it seems to be…the demon baby! God damn, this is great! And the next chapter should be coming on February 23…phew. I wouldn’t be able to bear another hiatus from Miura ;-;


It’s been ages, but I’m finally back into the fanfiction groove! No Fire Emblem, though…this time, I’m writing for Phoenix Point!

Check it out: 

I also managed to get an *eensy* bit of work done on my secret project. I’ll try to get more done next week, at least as much as I can in the midst of playing Total War Warhammer II, there was some DLC released for it recently ;D

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