Living the Good Life, Episode 67 (January 19, 2018): Too god damn cold 2018!

Urgh! At least I’m feeling better, but it’s still snowy and freezing. Sucks! Ah, well, least there are some things to keep me warm:


Junji Ito collection ep 2: Oh shit, now this is scary! I don’t wanna give too much away, but suffice it to say that the first half of the episode really does involve a genuine a terrifying monster here, who looks and acts the part, and there’s some gore at the end. Now this is horror!

The second part of the episode…not as scary, but kind of philosophical in a weird way. Again, no spoilers, but it revolves around the idea of dreams lasting much longer in your mind than they do in reality–like a dream that seems to last 10 years being part of a single night’s sleep–and the implications it would have for longevity and mental stability. There’s some scary imagery, but I liked the ideas more than the horror. Pretty cool, pretty cool.


Darling in the FranXX ep 1: Oh, this was more enjoyable than I thought it’d be, though I suppose my expectations shouldn’t have been low as it’s from the Gurren Lagann guys. The idea behind this anime is that in a sci-fi setting, mankind has to defend itself from huge monsters by fighting them in giant robots, but the robots need to be piloted by a boy and a girl with a good relationship. So yeah, this seems like it’ll be a romance-type mecha show, which is cool, I’m in the mood for something sweet. The first episode had some really nice animation and the main mech seems to be a good-looking fembot, so it seems fun. My only caveat is the MC seems to be the typical “nondescript skinny brown/black haired dude with pretty much nothing special about him other than his skill in a mech,” but oh well, that’s a pretty damn common hero in anime these days, I guess because the type doesn’t ask much of the writer. Gonna keep watching…



Nothin this week, cause Sky’s busy with personal stuff~


Total War: Warhammer II. This is a sequel to (obviously) Total War: Warhammer, which I described a bit here:

It has a lot of nice additions to the previous game, though the basic gameplay is essentially exactly the same. The new world map is huuuge, and can be combined with the old map if you have the first game. The addition of a real overarching plot is very well taken (by me at least), and the new cutscenes are reasonably well done. There are also plenty of new strategic options, like being able to explore blasted ruins, and at least for the High Elves an “influence” system. There are a couple of problems, IMO, such as it being very annoying to get your troops set up for battles involving multiple armies, but overall I had a fun time.


Nothin much, mainly just chillin. Maybe I’ll read a bit more next week.


Did get a bit of writing done! You’ve seen this post I made recently:

And I also made some work on my secret project 😀 So yeah, a good week on that front at least.


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