Animal-free meat and dairy

Lagrangian Republican Association

Scientific and technological progress will make factory farming obsolete in the near future. Here is short video explaining how we can still consume meat and dairy products, while avoiding the mistreating of animals.

For more info:

Perfect Day Foods (animal free dairy)

Cultured Beef (Mark Post’s official web page)

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  1. There’s a lovely Arthur C Clarke story about this sort of future, where even the thought that we used to eat actual meat causes disgust. One story has introduced a brand new synthetic meat that’s become incredibly popular, and the narrator has finally discovered what it’s based on. He introduces his audience to a word they may not know. “Cannibalism.”

    1. Oh, cool, that does sound interesting. Do you recall the name of the story?

      1. The Food of the Gods. Someone posted it to a forum here:

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