Living the Good Life, Episode 65 (January 5, 2018): Ringing in 2018~

New years, new years, unf. This coming week’s not looking to be a good one…A terrible winter storm is hitting my area, which means I’ll be trapped at home like I hate for at least a couple of days. Even worse, my parents are getting sick, which means I probably will too! ;_; Ah, well, at least this New Years was good.


Not much this week, mainly relaxing :p




FINALLY!!!! Next ep of Dragonar came OUT!!!


Stellaris. Like I said, Starseeker got me the DLC for this a while ago, so I’ve been making the most of it. It’s a pretty fun game. It’s a 4X type space game, just like Endless Space 2. You create your own alien race and set off to conquer the galaxy through economics, diplomacy, whatever. But Stellaris is real-time rather than turn based, and it has a lot more options for creating your own races–more ship templates, more appearances, and a considerably more advanced government creator. There’s also a TON of stuff to do, after the latest DLCs. Build robots, deal with robot rebellions, fight off extradimensional horrors, build a unique fleet of battlecruisers from several different templates, and so on, and so forth. So both games are good, but Stellaris IMO has a slight edge in terms of content, especially given the greater flexibility in creating races and empires.

Alas, the real-time interface can get unwieldy at some points, and the worst part is that it only seems to have a few victory conditions–either conquer all other empires or dominate over 40% of the star systems in the galaxy. Endless Space, on the other hand, had economic victories, diplomatic victories, science victories…the works! ;_; This article describes all the problems with the victory conditions pretty well, IMO:

What a disappointment…ah, well, Stellaris is still fun for a little while. I hope they add in new victory conditions in a later patch or update or something.


The next batch of Phoenix Point short stories came out earlier this week! I got them for being a backer, though I think anyone can if they subscribe to the PP newsletter. Most of the stories were released before, but a couple are brand new. Good times, good times 😀


Nothing this week, though I did do this writeup on New Year’s:

I also did manage to get some work done on the secret project I put on hold a little while ago. Let’s hope progress continues next week 😀


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