2k17 in review!

Hmm…a lot of folks are doing this, so I thought I would as well. Here’s a rundown of my accomplishments this past year:


Completed the second draft of my dissertation on February 13, 2017, my third draft on June 23, 2017 (https://gunlord500.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/living-the-good-life-episode-38-june-23-2017-w0000t/) and mailed in my final draft on October 7, 2017.

While not the longest thing I’ve ever written, nor the culmination of my life’s work, I’d say completing the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (final) drafts of my dissertation is a pretty significant accomplishment. The greatest accomplishment was last year, when I finished up the first draft. However, corrections and reorganization of the text was no small feat either, and quite heftier than I initially thought it would be. So I think having managed to craft a solid second draft, and subsequently make the minor corrections for my third and fourth drafts, represents something in which I can take a decent degree of pride. It certainly could have taken longer if I hadn’t gotten myself in gear, but I managed to get my whole dissertation done and submitted within the span of 2017! If nothing else, it’s one less thing to worry about going forwards ;D


According to this:




I only released 3 episodes of Dragonar in 2017! Still, I only really started in August after a very long drought, so *slightly* less than one episode a month. If I can keep up that pace 2018 should be a little better, though the series will only be finished for me in 2019…hmm. I really ought to think about kicking it up a notch…


Did reasonably well on the anime-watching front this year, IMO. I finished:

Berserk: Hoof, so bad. Some good aspects, but the animation…so bad!

Knight’s and Magic: Fun lil’ fantasy mecha show

Net-Juu no Susume: Soooo cute!

Inuyashiki: Could have been awesome, but pacing issues took it from “Great” to just “Very good.”

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond: Not as good as S1 IMO, but a very fun ride.


It may sound strange, but aside from my dissertation and timing Dragonar, I’m most proud of the work I’ve done with Angel-Corlux, Xombiemike, Purifyweirdsoul, and Cecil-Cain at the official Bloodstained fan forums. Though a lot of what we do is “behind the scenes,” I think we’ve done a very good job of maintaining and cultivating a vibrant, healthy community. We’ve kept the forums free of spambots and troublemakers, kept things calm during months where it seemed like there was a drought of new info on the game, and made pretty certain the forum and discord chat are a happy and fun place for all. While some folks would like more updates on the game, and plenty are still waiting on a new demo, it seems like nobody has any really significant complaints about how the forum is run. That’s definitely something I’m proud of, and both I and my fellow staff members are gonna try to keep up the good work in 2018…especially since the game’s gonna be released sometime next year ;D

So..all in all it seems like 2017 hasn’t been bad for me at all. Here’s hoping 2018 is even better!!!

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