Living the Good Life, Episode 64 (December 29, 2017): Christmas 2k17~

Decent enough Christmas. As I’ve said before, the holiday seasons seem less significant to me now than they used to…when I was younger, I anticipated Christmas greatly, but nowadays I wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for most (but not all) of my restaurants being closed. Still, even though I can get presents for myself at this age, it’s nice to get little things from my family and friends, online and offline. So yeah, good times all around ❤


Kekkai Sensen S2 ep 12: The final episode! It picks up in the aftermath of the previous one, where Leo was forced to use his eye’s ability to save his friends, and in the process gave his secret away to the villain. There’s a very lovely jazz piece playing. But anyways, Leo eventually finds out that the villain’s special eyes aren’t as strong as his own, so he takes the bad guy down physically in handf to hand combat, despite being just a normal human! He uses his special eyes to trick the demon guy so none of the villain’s attacks hit their mark, and then just headbutts the demon to bust up his fragile weakspot (the knock-off Eyes of God). Really badass! Not bad for a last episode 😀 The story then ends as it began–the villain from the previous season (the pandemonium guy) setting some monsters on the city, and Leo and his friends having to take em out. 😀

Still, I dunno…the main villain guy for these last two episodes also just appeared out of nowhere. It would’ve been nice for him to have had a little more background–that’s the problem when this second season was almost entirely episodic, with no overarching plot. So I enjoyed it, but a more coherent storyline might have done it for me. So while Kekkai Sensen S2 was pretty great, I think I still prefer S1. Good times anyways…


Funny story: When I went out, the lady there asked me, “Don’t you celebrate Christmas?” I replied, “I do, but I’m hungry.” XD




Both Starseeker and I were busy with holiday duties and stuff, so nothin ;_; Grr…hope for the best next week…



Starseeker gave me the newest Stellaris DLC as a Christmas gift!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Haven’t gotten to it yet, though…I’ll start next week. This week was largely spent on replaying Grand Theft Auto V. I beat the game a while back but it’s still fun…there’s something curiously therapeutic about punching out random civilians and then escaping the cops by jumping into a helicopter and soaring over the city XD


Nothin this week, mainly just relaxan with GTAV.


Same as above.

A quiet Christmas week–again, not too productive, but forgivable since it’s the holidays. Let’s see what’s up next week…

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