Living the Good Life, Episode 61 (December 8, 2017): Winter 2k17 approaches!

Whoof! First snow of the season fell a couple days ago, least where I am. So here’s what’s been keeping me warm…


Net-Juu no Susume ep. 9: This was super-cute, and not as much drama as I expected, though they are drawing out the development of Yuta and Moriko’s relationship. Despite the obvious fact they’re both interested in each other, Yuta STILL can’t take the hint and thinks he’s been rejected when Moriko tells him she’d like to keep playing with him online (he offers to quit when he thinks he’s bothered her, but that bit of drama was cleared up quickly). So it’s up to Koiwai, broest of bros, to get them together again, and a spot of rain brings them back to Yuta’s place. Oooh boy, excitement~

Kekkai Sensen S2 Ep. 9: Wow, part II of last week’s episode was actually very, very good. It took after my absolute favorite episode of the previous season (one of the best of any anime I’d watched in a while), “Don’t Forget to Don’t Forget Me.” It wasn’t quite as good, but the same feeling of nostalgia and the beauty–and ephemeral nature–of friendship came through. In the last episode, the villain made a previously weak, scrawny friend of Leo’s named Riel into a humongous monster, and plans on using Riel’s feelings of resentment to coerce him into destroying the city. But, as a rather sedate, tender swing piece plays, Riel remembers all the good times he had with Leo and resolves not to destroy the city Leo lives in, so he just stands there while the villain tries to take over his mind by force. But that leaves enough time for the good guys to send in a special agent (Leo’s pet monkey XD) inside Riel’s oversize body to capture the bad guy 😀 Riel shrinks back to his normal size, but alas, falls into an interdimensional chasm, and Leo thinks he’s gone…but by the end of the episode, it turns out he managed to come back, though even smaller than before!

So yeah, this was kind of similar to “Don’t Forget to Don’t Forget Me,” where Leo befriended a small, easily-bullied resident of Hellsalem’s Lot, has a montage of their growing friendship while a lovely tune plays in the background, and then, at the end of the episode, a conflict forces him to separate from that friend, but thankfully not permanently. I think the original was better, though, because there was more setup for the friendship between Leo and the little guy in that episode than between Leo and Riel in this two-part episode. They might have been better served to spend more time on Riel in the previous episode than on the other guy (the art-loving convict I mentioned last). But still, very good ep 😀


Inuyashiki ep. 9: Not much to say about this ep, aside from…god damn, shit is getting real! Since he’s going to be pursued forever for his crimes, Shisigami essentially commits himself to exterminating Japan, if not all of mankind! He starts shooting people en masse through smartphones and videoscreens, and then at the end of the episode, uses his control over electronics to crash a plane and kill everyone in the area! Aw, man…our (real) hero, Inuyashiki, has got to stop this soon or the whole planet is going to end up as a wasteland D:




Still helping out Star with her other thing. It’ll be a while before its released, but once I finish with it and she translates it, we can get back to Dragonar sooner 😀


Nothin much this week, really. Vindictus released a new character, and I’m thinking of getting back in, but eh…not sure I have the energy or patience for MMOs anymore.


Not much this week.


As above.

Pretty quiet week, but a good one all the same. Winter’s a time for hunkering down, I suppose. See ya on the next ;D

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