Living the Good Life, Episode 58 (November 17, 2017): Happy November days~

Very nice week! Haven’t had much luck finding a jerb, but no biggie, I know full well that in this market, you really gotta be patient, and you can’t let yourself get discouraged by any setbacks. So here’s what I’ve been doing for relaxation…



Kekkai Sensen ep. 6. This was a fun episode, though not my favorite. At the beginning, it seems like there’ll be some reference to an overarching plot (our protagonist Leo’s quest to help his sister regain her eyesight), but then it segues into another ‘episodic action’ type of thing. Some bad guys are trying to summon an incredibly powerful demon to blow up the city, but at the same time, this weird insect thing has hijacked the headquarters of Libra (the supernatural defense organization Leo belongs to). I was kinda hoping that there’d be more about Leo’s backstory and his history with his sister (Michella), but no dice, the insect thing is defeated and the evil demon summoners apprehending, but that’s it. Ah, well…also, what happened to the secretary lady who was being held hostage when the insect creature took over the headquarters? We never see by the end of the episode ;_;

Net-Juu no Susume ep. 6: Oh man, this was great! Seriously, this is such a fun anime, definitely one of my faves. OK, so as it turns out, Koiwai, the male protagonist (Yuta)’s friend, is truly the broest of bros! He has no real interest in our heroine (Moriko), he just wants her to hook up with Yuta 😀 He goes out of his way to call Moriko on their “date”–which he didn’t show up for, but which he knew Yuta was heading for–to get Yuta to tell her she looked beautiful! But Yuta STILL didn’t get the hint, he just said, “Oh, my friend really intended for your date to be tomorrow, so have fun.” Arrrrghh!!!! How thick can you get! And even then, on the next date, Koiwai was still looking out for his bro, he spent the whole time telling Moriko what a good and honest worker Yuta was. Hope this guy finally gets the point in the next episode, ahah!

Inuyashiki ep. 6:

Ohhhhh man. This episode was flat-out INSANE! I gotta write a bit about it. OK, so Hiro, the evil guy, has been caught by the police, but naturally, since he has superpowers, he easily escapes. However, since they know his name and face, it’s spread all across Japan that he’s the serial killer! So, naturally, his mother is getting harassed by the media and everything. It turns out this is because people on 2chan–the anonymous image board that gave birth to 4chan in the west–spread her name and address around. People start harassing her because she raised a murderer like Hiro, and she ends up killing herself. That…that sets Hiro off. He uses his powers–specifically, his control over machinery and electronics–to hunt down every single person on 2chan he thought had something to do with his mother’s suicide. He can actually shoot them through his phone! Meanwhile, Inuyashiki continues his training, he gets so good at flying he can actually go into space. It looks like he’s improving just in time, because Hiro seems as if he’s going to launch the apocalypse soon! D:

Oof…this episode was a hard-hitter. It’s rare to see “chan” culture portrayed so up-front, like they literally use the name “2chan.” Most of the time in Japan, they just use parody names or standins for actual corporate entities (McDonald’s becomes McDaniels or WcDonald’s, for instance). And the way the self-proclaimed trolls on 2chan are portrayed…the first one is pretty stereotypical, a fat, acne’d loser, but then we see people in classrooms and boardrooms getting shot by the vengeful Hiro. Damn…I’m not sure if it’s a criticism of “internet tough guys” who talk shit behind their monitors, or commentary on how the lack of empathy internet interactions often breed can really come back to bite one in the ass. Watching this episode sure made me glad I gave up all that trolling and maladjusted rage I was known for in my younger years (I’ve written a bit about that in these entries, though I’ll revisit the subject in even greater length eventually). Though I’ll admit right-wingers and neo-nazis still piss me off, these days I try to keep both my online and offline lives upbeat, positive, and constructive, trying to change the world around me in a positive way. Even if it’s minor stuff online, like helping people translate anime, providing useful information for guys who are listening to it, keeping an eye on the Bloodstained forums and making sure everyone’s having a good time, at least I’m ensuring that folks will be happy rather than sad to keep me around. While it’s unlikely someone like Hiro, a superpowered supervillain, will ever show up in real life, at least the way I’m living now will keep more mundane enemies from showing up at my door. That’s a pretty valuable lesson, I’d say…if only I’d have watched Inuyashiki when I was younger. But, ah well, better to gain wisdom later than not at all.



Oooh! Pampurio is almost done translating the italian of the ENTIRE series and Starseeker came back from vacation! Unfortunately…something messed up with the msubs forum software and she had to spend some time fixing it ;_; Well, on to next week…


Not much this week. I have gotten a bit of Kingdom: New Lands out. It’s :sorta: like a tower defense game, where you build farms and stuff to produce gold you can use to build towers and hire archers to protect your king/queen from maurauding monsters. Not exactly epic, but pretty fun.


As with last week, everything I’ve been readin has to do with my secret project 😀


Same as above. I’ve made significant progress on outlining it, though 😀

Again, onwards and upwards! Let’s see what next week holds…

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