Living the Good Life, Episode 57 (November 10, 2017): Snow!

Another good week, not much to say about it other than that I think I had the first snow of the season on Thursday 😮 But here’s my update anyways~


Kekkai Sensen ep. 5: Not much to say about this one other than a lot of nice action. The head butler working for our protagonist’s organization gets injured, so a replacement is sent to cover for him while he heals, but it turns out the butler doesn’t need the help and shows off how badass he is when the replacement gets kidnapped and in need of rescue. Lots of explosions ensue, naturally XD

Inuyashiki ep. 5: Oh man, this ep was better than the first one. So Ando, Hiro’s friend who knows his secret, is trying to stop him from killing people, but he knows he’s powerless to do anything to the superhuman Hiro. However, he hears of Inuyashiki helping out the sick and ailing and realizes there’s somebody else who c0uld do the job! So he manages to get in touch with Inuyashiki and watches him demonstrate his powers of healing, saying he’s a “true hero.” Hiro, on the other hand…when he finds out his mother has terminal cancer, he actually gives up on killing and decides to live a normal life–well, sort of normal, because he’s still stealing tons of money and stuff. However, he also finds out someone has a crush on him, which is another encouragement for him to turn from his evil ways. Unfortunately, the authorities have figured out he’s the one randomly killing people, and they take him down right in front of his mother. Of course, I bet he’s not gonna stay down, and the next episode is gonna feature him going back to his old ways. So yeah, this was very nice, I really enjoyed the character development 😮

Net-Juu no Susume ep. 5: Oh, this was fun. So IRL, Yuta’s buddy invites him to come along for the date with our heroine–it seems he’s actually trying to set them up, what a bro. And in-game, Morioka’s guild leader has found out her true identity–as it turns out, he’s the employee at the convenience store she always goes to! How convenient all these folks live so close to each other. In any case, the episode ends with Yuta conveniently meeting up with Moriko before his friend gets there–seems like that was the friend’s plan all along, and Moriko is dressed surprisingly nicely (and with a new hairstyle, too). Wonder if they’ll have a nice lil date or if the friend will show up anyways. We’ll see next week, I suppose.




Star’s still on vacation, haha.


Got the Crimson Court and Shieldbreaker DLCs for Darkest Dungeon recently. Pretty cool…I’m playing on Radiant mode, which addresses a lot of my earlier critcisms–nowhere near as much grinding because you can hire higher-level heroes to replace your dead ones now. And the Crimson Court itself…very cool. There’s a new vampirism mechanic that’s not too bad, though it can quickly become unmanageable if you don’t take care with how you deploy your heroes. And the new class (the Flagellant) is awesome, and IMO kinda overpowered, my Flagellant survived some of the toughest bosses in the game pretty easy. The best part, though, is the aesthetics…as you can tell, the Crimson Court are vampires, but they’re not based off Nosferatu or bats, like most vamps are. These guys are based off of mosquitos! That’s something I haven’t seen done before, the aesthetics of aristocratic bloodsuckers combined with hive-like insects is something I haven’t seen before. Very cool.



Still workin on my secret project!


As above.

Onwards and upwards~

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