Living the Good Life, Episode 56 (November 3, 2017): The Sims!

More fun, more fun! Things are lookin’ up~


Kekkai Sensen S2 e4: Another fun episode, we learn more about Chain Sumaragi (the smoking hot lady from the previous episode). We also get to see Leo’s little mushroom friend again! That guy was the star of the best episode of the previous season and one of the best episodes of any anime ever, “Don’t Forget to Don’t Forget Me.” But he’s just a cameo, the real gist of the episode is in exploring Chain’s powers. She’s called a “Werewolf,” but she doesn’t transform or anything, she instead turns invisible and can pass through walls like some sort of super phantom. It turns out that the nature of her abilities doesn’t revolve around any sort of scientific teleportation *or* turning into ectoplasm or anything like that, but manipulating the nature of causality itself, which I thought was pretty nifty. This show’s definitely doin a good job of keepin me entertained 😀

Net-Juu no Susume ep. 4: Oooohhh, this was such a delightful episode! We get to see more of the real-life versions behind all the characters in Moriko’s guild–the girl who plays Lilac, the married couple who play Kanbe and Himeralda, and of course Lily’s player, who is revealed for sure to be the handsome guy our heroine ran into 😀 There seems to be a little bit of a love triangle going on, since Lily’s player (Yuta) found out that one of his IRL friends asked Moriko out after meeting her at a nearby convenience store! There’s also a lot of amusing back and forth amongst the guildies about buying in-game points and loot boxes with IRL money, and an amusing bit of dialogue about characters clipping through each other–this anime really captures the feel of an MMORPG, haha. I’m really enjoying the heck out of this, it proves you don’t need a massive budget to be appealing. No serious drama or violence or anything like that, just cute characters (on-line and IRL) having fun with each other, with a bit of romantic entanglement to keep things spicy. A real feel-good series 😀

Inuyashiki ep. 4: Not really a plot heavy episode, but it does give us a better idea of Inuyashiki’s powers. Some evil Yakuza goons have their eyes on a pretty young lady, so they bust up her boyfriend, leave him for dead, and kidnap her before Inuyashiki arrives to save the day–he ends up knocking out a couple of them, but a bullet right to the head from the head goon knocks him out. When he wakes up, he manages to revive the boyfriend and then goes to rescue the girl. He flies over to the Yakuza hideout and…he doesn’t even kill all of them, he just launches missiles into their eyes so they’re permanently crippled, but not dead! He promptly finds out where the girl is and brings her back to her boyfriend, everything works out for the best. This was an OK episode…it’s always nice to see heroes giving evildoers what they deserve, but what happened to Hiro? He’s surely up to mischief as well, but he never shows up at all in this ep. Ah, well, at least the action scene was good. I’ll keep watching…



Star’s on vacation, so no timan this week XD


I got The Sims 3 recently cause it was on Halloween sale. Pretty fun! I’ve spent less time playing the game than I have designing my dream houses, haha XD God damn, though, the DLC is vicious…I got a bunch for 4.99, and there were like 20 of those offers, but they originally cost 19.99! That’s crazy! No wonder people hate EA so much. Jeez…

Also, in even better news, Phoenix Point and Bloodstained updated! 😀 😀 😀 Check it out:


The Handyman by Bentley Little. This is a pretty standard Little novel: Set in the Southwest, in and around California and Arizona, with a nondescript protagonist in a healthy, sexually-satisfying relationship with his girlfriend/wife and a few funny friends from work, the story revolves around a seemingly innocuous character or location (in this case, an incompetent handyman) revealing himself to be an eldritch evil who torments our hapless protagonist and a bunch of random people through bizarre, seemingly senseless supernatural occurrences.

That’s…really all I can say about this book, except that in this case, the supernatural evil was actually discovered by the antagonist during the Vietnam War and the story eventually ties into Vietnamese folklore in a very cool way. But yeah, no spoilers aside from that, just a bit of interesting info some fans might like. There’s not much else I can say except that it’s straight up Little, through and through. Some folks might not like reading essentially the same book from Little over and over again, but I am an absolute sucker for his writing, so for a 5.99$ Kindle version, I got essentially exactly what I paid for. I’m happy enough with it to give it 5 stars, but those of you who have been burned out on Little might want to give it 3 or 4.

I’ve also been reading Horror 101, edited by Aaron Christensen. It’s a series of essays analyzing a bunch of influential horror movies. There are so many authors that the essays are generally of variable quality, but some are excellent, like the ones on The Thing From Another World/John Carpenter’s The Thing, Onibaba, and Aliens. I’d definitely check it out if you like horror 😀


Work continues on my secret project–just about finished up its first chapter, so I think I ought to be able to organize the rest of it pretty quickly by next week. :thumbsup:

And that does it for the beginning of November! The only other thing to note…Halloween, I guess. A couple kids came to my door and we gave ’em a bit of candy, but that’s pretty much it. Onwards and upwards~~

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