Living the Good Life, Episode 55 (October 27, 2017): Lotta anime these days~

Not as productive a week as I’d hoped, but a fun one nonetheless~



Net-Juu no Susume ep. 3: Seems like our heroine didn’t accept the handsome guy’s offer for a date, but she is growing closer to him online. That’s a bit disappointing, but I suppose they need a way to stretch out the plot for 13 or so episodes. 😛

Kekkai Sensen S2 ep. 3: Another fun ‘slice of life’ episode unconnected to any larger plotline, though it does tie together several different character plots. Our protag Leo gets mugged, and is then subsequently helped out by the super-hot female agent Chain Sumeragi, while Leo’s friend Zapp has to find a lost cat, and along the way he meets Steven the ice-magic user, who has a house party that ends up going bad. They all come together at the end of the episode after dealing with their problems, pretty fun 😀

Inuyashiki ep 3: Huh…no showdown with the evil Hiro! That kid just blasted off after Inuyashiki confronted him. Kind of a letdown, but oh well. So after that, our (real) hero saves a random guy from being beat up by some random thugs, and the fighting there was amusing…Inuyashiki just kind of flails his arms around helplessly, but he’s so strong it wrecks the big scary goons anyways! After that, he tries to teach himself to fly like Hiro, but doesn’t get the hang of it right away, even as he sings the Astro Boy theme song to get himself in the mindset. After that, he sees a cat being hit by a car, and in his emotional distress, lays his hands on it…and ends up reviving it! He’s overjoyed to find out he can heal as well as destroy–and neither he, nor the viewer for that matter, realized he could do that! So it’s clear he has to learn how to use his newfound powers. This might lead to some real interesting fights later on, haha.

On the other side of things, Hiro hangs out with a friend of his from school. He heals the kid’s papercut, and then…takes him to school and kills the mean punks who were bullying him without a second thought! Hiro’s friend, naturally, doesn’t want to hang out with him anymore, and Hiro just accepts that, and then goes on another random killing spree. God damn…very messed up. Well, on to the next episode…



Woo-hoo! Finally, next episode of Dragonar is out, my friends! Give a look for episode 26:



Everspace. I got it recently on sale, it’s actually like a combination of 3d space trading sims like Galaxy on Fire and the Kickstarter game FTL. In FTL, you were the captain of a small spaceship that you had to navigate safely through several sectors, and you only had a limited amount of fuel to make hyperspace jumps (if you ran out you’d lose the game) and money (to buy fuel and repair your ship). There was no save game option, as when you died you’d have to restart the whole game, although you could unlock other, better ships through your progress each run.

Everspace does the exact same thing–piloting a craft with limited fuel across several star systems, and having to start over at the beginning when you die. The differences are that Everspace is a 3d action game with beautiful graphics while FTL was pixel-based and had a more RPG like battle system, and in Everspace, you pilot a lone craft while in FTL you were captain of a starship and could change your crew complement around.

Eh…I guess I like it. The graphics are wonderful, though the early stages can get repetitive. Hard Mode is very difficult, I would say almost too difficult…the UI can be hard to see at times, IMO, and it can be equally hard to track targets you’re trying to hit when there’s a lot of stuff on the screen, unlike in House of the Dying Sun there’s no audio indication of when a ship you’ve locked on to is being properly tracked. Still, the graphics are very nice and the plot is actually sorta-compelling. Can’t say I’m sad to have bought this, though 29.99 is a bit steep, IMO…I would wait until it’s on sale again to buy it.


Argh, not much this week. I was very busy with a lot of stuff, like setting up a new Internet and cable connection at my house, and doing a lot of errands. So no progress on my project so far 😦


Same as above.

Hopefully next week will be better…see ya then.

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