Living the Good Life, Episode 54 (October 20, 2017): Chillan!

Gettin colder, gettin’ colder~


Net-Juu no Susume, episode 2: This was cute. So the protag kind of lies and tells her guildmates she’s a 21 year old university student rather than a 30 year old female NEET, haha. Understandable why she’d be embarrassed, but I hope this doesn’t lead to a lot of drama down the line. I guess drama is what motivates romcoms like this, though…ah, well. ๐Ÿ˜› We also get hints about why she left her old job, I wonder what’s up with that.

Inuyashiki, Episode 1: Fuuuuck. This hit me in the feels. The premise of the story is that there’s an old guy, Ichiro Inuyashiki, who’s disrespected by his family and his coworkers, and nobody in the world cares about him except his dog. Then he hears he has terminal cancer, and he realizes that his kids and wife wouldn’t even cry when they found out. So, totally alone and despairing, he takes his doggy out to a field to just cry to himself under the stars. Much to his embarrassment, he sees someone else there…and then a UFO of some sort crashes into him! He and the other guy are severely injured, and the aliens–or whatever they are–mention they have to fix the pair up, but don’t have anything on hand besides weapons. So when our old dude wakes up, he thinks he just had a bad dream or something and the other kid is gone. But when he gets back home, he finds out that he has a brand new body, free of back pains, poor eyesight, and cancer. And what’s more, this body can split itself apart to reveal energy weapons, missile launchers, and all kinds of weird superpowers that turn him into a bona-fide superhero!

Man, what an inventive premise! It’s rare to see an anime with an old dude as a protagonist, though not entirely unheard of (see Roujin Z). And it did a really good job of portraying what a fundamentally decent man Inuyashiki is, along with his terrible sense of loneliness that his own family wouldn’t remember him. Maybe I’m getting soft in my own old age, but it made me tear up a little ;_; Definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this, though the CGI is definitely not to my taste…everything uses CGI these days, though, so I suppose oughtn’t say too much XD


Inuyashiki, Episode 2: God damn!!!! This show does NOT screw around! So that kid who was with our hero when the aliens crash-landed also got a new robotic body, but he is incredibly evil! His name is Hiro Shishigami, and instead of using his powers for good like Inuyashiki, he just goes on a random killing spree! That was really tough to watch…I don’t wanna describe it because it’s so violent, and maybe I’m just getting soft, but I think most folks would be disturbed too. Well, it looks like we know who the antagonist is gonna be, and what kind of big showdown Inuyashiki is gonna have…

Blood Blockade Battlefront S2 Episode 1: Hoo boy, this was fun. I loved the first season of this, and there’s no good way to really coherently describe it other than recommending you watch it first. The very least you need to know is that it’s from the creator of Trigun: The premise of this series is that one day, the city of New York falls halfway into another dimension, and it’s now known as Hellsalem’s Lot (a reference to Stephen King), where humans, demons, and other interdimensional creatures live side by side. It’s defended by an organization named Libra consisting of superhuman fighters, whose newest recruit is a kid named Leonardo Watch, who has no special abilities aside from his magical eyes, which allow him to see through any illusion and figure out the true nature and name of any being. This is important, because vampires, the most powerful beings Libra fights, can only be defeated if one knows their true names! The series is mostly episodic and follows Leo’s adventures as he tries to help out his friends and colleagues in their vampire fighting adventures.

I enjoyed the first series because of the AWESOME action and the great soundtrack and aesthetics. The soundtrack was taken a lot from 1920s swing, which I adored, and the aesthetics were like 20s skyscrapers mixed with a healthy dash of Lovecraft in terms of the creatures mingling in with the great cosmopolitan crowds. The action, well, it’s pretty much zany shonen action, but the powers combined with the monsters and enemies they fight makes it distinctive.

So, what’s up with S2? Well, pretty much more of the same…not much in terms of plot, but episodic fun. My one gripe is that music isn’t *quite* as good as it used to be, I don’t like the ED as much as I liked the original, but no big deal. Essentially, some crazy vampire has stolen the head of an American diplomat sent to Hellsalem’s Lot, and the team has to get it back. That’s pretty much it, and Leo’s house is destroyed in the ensuing shenanigans as he has to deliver the guy’s talking head back to his team. Lots of explosions, some scary monsters, all that good stuff. I am pleased ๐Ÿ˜€

BBB S2 Episode 2: Still kinda episodic, though this time we see a glimpse into the past of Klaus, who’s the super powerful leader of Libra and also Leo’s mentor/protector. It seems he had kind of a spark with a doctor lady he met some years ago, but they were separated in the catastrophe that turned New York into Hellsalem’s Lot. As it turns out, the doctor lady has returned, but the vampire that came by to threaten her hospital during that catastrophe came back as well. Naturally, this time around Klaus has Leo to tell him the vampire’s real name, and good triumphs over evil handily this time ๐Ÿ˜€ Fun fun, though I suppose it remains to be seen if the doctor lady shows up further.






Sky’s making more progress, though Star’s still busy. Pampurio, as always, is the best, we should be done entirely with the Italian translation of Dragonar soon ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


Not much, though I did read this article by my main man Julian Gollop:


My thoughts, x-posted to reddit:


“Very interesting article. Although most of it isn’t news to us, as we’ve seen Julian’s presentation and hangout with Jake Solomon, it’s a good intro/summary of what he said there.

I agree that X-COM is its own genre by now, with games like Xenonauts and the UFO series taking up squarely where Julian left off. However, I think Solomon’s XCOM and its successors can be considered a subgenre of its own, as IMO there are some meaningful differences in general between the classic X-COM and Firaxis’ XCOM. If I could divide them into the X-COM and XCOM genres:

Both have turn-based battle scapes and a morale system in which your whole team can panic, but…


  • Relies on an AP point system for both movement and action
  • Involved inventory system with a backpack and belt slots and which takes weight into account
  • A more “holistic” aiming and cover system which relies somewhat on RNG but where a significant portion of the hit chance also relies on randomized bullet trajectory and a separate modeling of cover

On the other hand, XCOM

  • Relies on a move-shoot or move-move action system
  • Simplified inventory system where you can take 2 maximum “throwable” items and a choice of armor, but no separately modeled weight counter or backpack/belt slots
  • More of a yes/no RNG system for aiming, where bullet trajectories are not modeled and cover is simply full/half/flanked (or no cover) which simply adds a straight penalty or bonus to your hit chance, slightly like Fire Emblem.

I’m not saying either of these is at all better than the other, of course. On the one hand, the classic X-COM style is more involved, arguably more realistic, and has more opportunities for customization, but the new XCOM style is also easier to understand, faster-paced, and better suited to quick “pick up and get started” play. This is why it seems to have already spawned successors of its own–the kickstarted Shadowrun games from Harebrained Schemes use a full/half/flanked cover system and its AP counter is more similar to XCOM than X-COM, and of course the new Mario/Rabbids strategy game is obviously inspired by Solomon’s new game.

From what I understand, Phoenix Point might be a blend of the two genres–it has an attack/move system, but will points add in a bit of the old school AP functionality, and Julian’s description of the aiming UI, with individual bullet trajectories but a function that tells you where you can expect 50% of them to land offers you a better idea of how likely you are to make a shot.”


Not much…aside from a fun little book I got from a comic shop, “Cthulhu Wars.” It’s from osprey Publishers, the military history picture book guys, and it’s a fictionalized account of the U.S. military’s clandestine struggles against shoggoths, Mi-Go, Cthulhu himself, and all the other creepers from the Lovecraft mythos. Pretty entertaining, and they put in lots of military jargon for verisimilitude. Good times, good times~


Almost done with the first chapter of my project, and after that things should be easier. ;D

And that’s it for now, see ya soon~

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