Living the Good Life, Episode 53 (October 13, 2017): Chilly October is good for chillin~

Man, it’s getting colder, so I guess that makes it good for chilling out 8) Here’s what I’ve been up to…


Net-Juu no Susume, episode 1: Not a mecha anime this time, but the premise was so amusing I wanted to give it a look. It centers on a 30 year old unemployed lady who spends all her time playing Internet games. Her character in-game is a male fighter named Hayashi, and one day she meets a female character, the healer Lily, who’s really nice to her. They strike up a quick friendship after the new character helps the MC with a particularly difficult quest, the boss of which is a funny hamster thing that has an ATATATATATATA attack like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star! Then, back in the real world, our unemployed heroine starts cracking up because it’s the first time in a while a real human being’s been nice to her, even if just online. So they end up getting presents for each other during the game’s Christmas event, but as it turns out, the person who plays Lily is actually a handsome guy IRL! So it looks like there’ll be some romance going on, haha.

I suppose the depiction of online gaming was somewhat more cute and saccharine than it is in reality, but oh well. The disconnect between the protag and her online character is amusing, and the protagonist herself is pretty good looking form a 30 year old unemployed shutin, though of course she does have bags under her eyes and the other indications of being, well, a shut-in. I think the series will portray her gradually opening up to the IRL world thanks to her online friends, which is certainly a positive development! This isn’t really a mecha/sci-fi series, so it may be surprising to hear me talk about it, but I do like more cutesy slice of life stuff every now and then. Not sure if I’ll keep on with this series, but I probably will. I thought this first episode was amusing an enjoyable, so no reason not to.


I also checked out an AWESOME movie: Blade Runner 2049! Spoilers ahead, so watch out:


I really enjoyed 2049–I was kinda dubious for the first scenes, but found myself intrigued by K’s relationship with Joi, and then when we got to Wallace’s headquarters, the cinematography, shot composition, and hearing Deckard and Rachael again had me hooked. It’s small, but another thing I really liked was seeing Olmos as Gaff again. I knew Harrison Ford was going to show up, obviously, but I didn’t think I’d see any of the other actors from the original Blade Runner again, and it was a nice bit of nostalgia that was also well done.
I’m not entirely sure if I’d call it better than the original. I didn’t care for the music that much–the return of a couple songs by Vangelis were the high points of the score, IMO, but all the original music wasn’t anywhere near as good as the old track was. The music for the fight scenes, in particular, struck me as pretty ho-hum and pedestrian. And while the cityscape aesthetics were great, they didn’t have quite the same impact as they did when I first saw them in Blade Runner and was blown away. There was something about the visuals I didn’t quite like too. I thought the strongest visual aspects were when they recalled the first film–the water and shadows in Wallace’s headquarters, the cityscapes, and so on. But the colors just seemed a little more sterile than they did in the original. I always just chalked it up to me having a huge nostalgia boner and loving the…I guess color tones they had in films back in those days. But maybe it wasn’t just me.So I think the first one still has the top spot in my heart, but it’s clear they put a lot of effort into 2049 and realized what made the original great, mostly hitting the mark. Definitely a satisfying sequel.







Still waitin, still waitin T_T Pampurio is blazing through the Italian eps, though.


Also still playing some Endless Space 2. One more thing that annoys me about the game–Custom factions are pretty limited, you can’t change their aesthetics or custom quests much, which is kinda disappointing. Ah, well.



A World Destroyed by Martin Sherwin. It’s a political and diplomatic history of the atomic bomb project, focusing on how the scientists and the military considered how the A-Bombs would affect the world order, even before they had defeated Germany and Japan. A very thoughtful book, though since I studied American religious and social history, I would probably understand its historiographical importance better if I had been more familiar with the practices and traditions of Cold War history and political history generally. A friend of mine recommended this to me, I’ll ask him if there are any books I should read to give me a better background on Sherwin’s work 😮

Aside from that, only readan that’s been done pertains to my secret project ;D


Got a bit of work done on my project, next week should be better.


And that’s it for now, see ya soon~



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