Living the Good Life, Episode 52 (October 6, 2017 ): Printan!

Ahhh…unwinding a little this week 😀 First, things I didn’t work on:


Nothin this week, really. Maybe I’ll finally give Re:Creators a look…



Star’s still busy ;_; At least it’s giving Pampurio plenty of time to work, though.

Now, for what I did work on!

Like I said last week, I put the finishing touches on my dissertation, and I got all the forms and stuff filled out. So then it’s getting physical copies of it sent out…but before I do that, I gotta check and make absolutely sure everything’s OK! So I’ve been checking and rechecking my dissertation and its forms for most of this week, and I finally went out and got them printed on Wednesday. I went to Officemax to do it, since I need 4 copies total–one unbound one for the Department of History itself, and 3 softbound copies (bound together with a little ring thingie), one for each one of mah profs, Dr. H, Dr. J, and Dr. A 😀 That wouldn’t take too long on its own, but before I did I reviewed my dissertation and its attached forms a bunch of times. Well, at some point I got tired of it…checking it over and over again won’t do much more than it already did, was my reasoning. I just went out and printed it, we’ll see if I need to do it again. I just wanna get it over with :p I just got all 4 copies of it from Officemax, so now all that’s left is to mail it out…it’s 12 AM on Friday, so I’ll do that when I wake up. After that, I will be DONE! Woo-hoo! Thus, I did manage to have some free time for a little bit of relaxing. The stuff I did do:


Nothin much aside from going over my dissertation one last time.


Same as above, just correcting any last minute errors I found.



Endless Space 2, a 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) grand strategy game. It’s kind of in the same vein as Stellaris but turn based rather than real time. Another way you can think of it is a game like Civilization, where you control one empire and take it from a small city-state into a world-spanning superpower through researching technologies to gain more resources and raise armies of millions. It’s like that, but set in space.

There are plenty of games like it…Master of Orion, Galactic Civilizations, and so on, and so forth. I think it may be my favorite, though…the graphics and music are great and the gameplay–with random events, lots of resources to exploit, that sort of thing–is immensely entertaining. There’s so much to research, so many secrets to find, and unlike most 4X games, there’s actually a bit of a plot you can play along with, both for the individual species you command and a larger galactic quest. About that, one thing I really liked is that there are small cinemas when you beat the game, that’s a nice touch. Most of the time when you beat a 4X strategy game, you only get a little score screen and that’s it. They actually put in the effort to give you a little something extra. Fun times.

On the other hand, there are some disappointments. The actual battles are kind of underwhelming: You can build big fleets andcustomize them, but you can’t control your ships, you just set them strategies before a match and watch the battle automatically. It’s a little better than it was in Endless Space 1, but not by much, you don’t really get the feeling of participating like you do in the awesome space naval battles in, say, Battlefleet Gothic (not a 4X game, but another spaceship game). Also, not really a critique, but the game is REALLY complicated. You need to juggle alliances, learn diplomacy, and make money off trade by monitoring and cultivating trading companies, there’s so much to keep track of. Even I haven’t managed to understand all of it, I’d wager it would take years to do so. But that would be a bonus, not a drawback for some folks. XD

Phewww…I started playing that game a little while ago, just yesterday (Thursday). I really should get back to work on my secret project, but that’s not really that important or urgent…after finishing my dissertation I just want to unwind a bit, even just the trivial work of submitting it and finishing its forms dredged up a lot of emotions I’ll have to work through, I think. I’ll talk about that next week. See ya then!




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