Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Movie Finale 1: Nearing the Finish Line

Couldn’t get any work done on my “special project” this week, friends. But not for any bad reason…it’s because my profs got back to me about my dissertation! I’ve been putting the final touches on my final draft ;D But first, my usual fun stuff:


Knight’s and Magic final episode, 13: Honestly, this finale wasn’t so much different from all the other episodes…Ernesti comes up with a cool plan and defeats the big mecha wyvern with his cunning, skill, and powerful mech. But the plan itself was fun–tricking the big dragon with a feigned retreat and then covering it in flammable oil and setting it on fire. Of course, it can’t be that easy, as it unveils a second form and threatens our hero until he goes in for close-range combat. Then there’s a funny scene of him arguing with the evil creator of the dragon about whether or not giant bipedal mechs should take preeminence on the battlefield because they’re cool. I suspect that exchange was a shoutout to all the diehard mecha fans who enjoyed this show XD After that, in what I think might be a shoutout to a famous scene from Gundam 0079, the commander of the evil forces tries to use the shattered remnants of the mecha dragon in a suicide attack and ram it into Ernesti’s camp, but predictably, Kid manages to take out its cockpit and our hero uses the power of his mech to push it away, saving the day.

On the ground, the crazy sword-loving prince guy from the evil country is finally defeated by the experienced knight on the hero’s side, after he gets caught and is left open to a huge blast from the hyper-cannon of the knight’s staunch ally, the prince of the good kingdom 😀 The war ends, the ambition of the evil kingdom of Zaloudek is crushed, and everybody lives happily ever after, as Ernesti and his girlfriend fly off into the sunset in their overpowered mech.

And that’s it, that’s the end. Honestly, there’s not much to say about this series…and while that may seem like a bad thing, in this instance it’s pretty good. The whole thing, all 13 episodes, was just a chill, enjoyable ride. Fun mecha action, serviceable if not memorable characters, and a generally lighthearted setting meant I had a half-hour of mindless mecha entertainment every week.  The show reminded me of classic mecha animes of the 80s and 90s, which centered around just having fun more than anything else. Comfy as hell.









Dang, this might take a while…Starseeker’s very busy ATM, she’s working on another project, so no time to QC 😦 I just gotta wait for her, I suppose.


Very busy, too much so for many games ;-;



Hoooo boy.

My profs are really busy, so I thought they’d take longer to get back to me, but I actually heard from ’em on Sunday! They said my draft was looking very good. The only substantive change I had to make was clarifying a paragraph in the intro of my second chapter. After doing that, it was just cutting back on parentheticals and colons, minor grammar and spelling corrections, and fixing some italic/bold font issues. That doesn’t seem so bad, and wouldn’t have occupied me for most of the week, but I also had to deal with…


Formatting and forms to fill out! I had to make a title page, vastly expand my acknowledgements, and fix a lot of annoying problems in my bibliography. I guess something went wrong when I tried to set its margins, because a lot of the entries weren’t evenly aligned where they were supposed to be. I had to fix that manually and it took some time. ):T I might post the acknowledgements here later, but not till everything’s set. Aside from that, I’ve been busy filling in a bunch of forms! So that’s keeping me occupied.

Now that’s done with, I gotta contact my departments and tell em whats up. After informing them of my intent to submit, then I gotta print out physical copies of my dissertation to send to my profs, decide whether or not I want to receive my Ph.D in person or get it mailed to me, and email my registrar to make absolutely sure I’ve got everything all set.


And that’s it for now, see ya soon~



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