Living the Good Life, Episode 48 (September 1, 2017 ): Mecha action!

Busy week friends. But a productive one!


Knight’s and Magic episode 9: Fun fun fun. NOW the plot finally starts kicking into high gear,m as we find out who stole the prototype mechs from an earlier episode. Turns out it was a generic “evil empire” type country with scary black bad guy mechs 😛 That was kinda disappointing, since there was no foreshadowing or buildup or anything like that; the place hadn’t even been mentioned until this episode. But, ah well. We see the protag mech get some cool action scenes, and the bad guy mook mecha look pretty cool, I am really enjoying the mecha design in this series! So yeah, good times, good times 😀

Birth of the Dragon: Wanted to see this movie cause it’s been a while since I saw a nice kung-fu flick. It’s a dramatized account of Bruce Lee’s fight with Wong Jack Man, which unfortunately has a goofy story about a white guy living in San Francisco’s chinatown falling in love with a chinese girl in debt to some gangsters, so he has to get his kung-fu teacher Bruce Lee (Philip Ng) to help him out. That plot was pretty forgettable, but it does serve to give a background to the fight between Lee and Man–the white guy asks both of them for help in saving his girl, and the mob says they’ll let her go if Bruce and Man give them a fight they can milk for gambling profits.

The really interesting thing is how Bruce and Man play off each other. In real life, the fight was portrayed by Lee as sort of a conflict over racism; he said Wong Jack Man was displeased that Lee taught white folks. Man, however, disputed this, saying he had many students who were white. So in the movie, Man’s desire to fight Lee was based on more “spiritual” reasons–he didn’t mind Lee teaching non-Chinese, but he thought Lee’s martial art, while technically proficient, didn’t pay enough attention to honing a student’s character as well as his physical skill. Thus, in the movie, the fight is portrayed as inconclusive, with neither Lee nor Man truly winning or losing–by fighting Man and not defeating him entirely, Lee learns the limits of his style and realizes he needs to pay attention to “spiritual” concerns in order to truly advance, and even though Man doesn’t quite defeat Lee, he does teach Lee the important lesson a true martial artist should learn, so Man walks away from the fight as a winner in the sense of being a good teacher.

Of course, a good martial arts film needs a stand-up fight with a clearly demarcated loser, and the losers here turn out to be the gangsters–Lee and Man get irritated by the obvious corruption and shamelessness of the gangsters running San Fran’s Chinatown, so after the white guy begs them for help, they go on over to the gangster’s hideout, beat up all the thugs in a really fun scene where they’re fighting back-to-back (I looove those “bash brother” kind of fights), and force the gangsters to both release the white guy’s love interest and all the other girls they have in debt in Chinatown. So yeah, I dunno how it worked out IRL, but in this movie the “rivalry” between Lee and Man gets resolved and they end up as comrades fighting for justice 😀 Some folks may find it corny, but the fights were great and the acting of the main characters (if not the random white guy, I can’t even remember his name)




FINALLY! Episode 24 has been RELEASED, my friends! 😀


Sky’s on vacation, so it should take a bit for the next eppy to come out, but hopefully not too long 😀


Armored Hunter Gunhound EX: It’s a mecha game I bought a long time ago but never really played until now. It’s essentially just like Assault Suits Leynos, and was actually made by the same people. It got frustrating at times, and it’s not very long, but I’m a sucker for sidescrolling mecha action and this one delivered, so I can’t complain. The main character is a cute girl too, so I suppose that helps. XD



Nothin much this week, busy with stuff :/


Wrote a funny essay about that “white genocide” nonsense, posted it up on Tumblr:


And that does it for this week! Man, life is really good 8) Here’s hoping it stays that way!



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