Living the Good Life, Episode 44 (August 04, 2017 ): Summer Fun~

As always these days, good times, good times~~~


Knight’s and Magic episode 5: This was a fun episode! First, the action and fight choreography was really great! In this installment, the bad guys (from a country or actor that hasn’t been named–gotta have that mystery!) steal the advanced new mechs our protagonist has designed. Naturally, he and his friends have to go out and fight them, and it was definitely very cool to see the new mechs in real combat. Since it was their mechs which got stolen, Ernesti and his friends have to sortie in their smaller power armors, and watching them outsmart the mecha-thieves was a very good time. I quite enjoyed seeing Kid inadvertently laying a trap for one of the mechs and having it trip over some wires straight into a lake XD There’s a bit of violence in this ep, as the bad guys shoot some guards in the castle with arrows, but nothing you wouldn’t see in any fantasy anime or show for teens or older kids. In terms of plot, nothing’s really revealed, but the episode does end with our hero getting to lead his own order of knights to get back his stolen prototype, so that was nice. All in all, an even better episode than 4, and part of a nicely solid series overall! 😀




My Japanese translator is goin over one of the scripts Pampurio translated and checking it against the Japanese dialogue for accuracy 😀 She says she’ll have it for me next week or so, should be good 😀


Trying to play DarkStar One, which is an old space pilot sim I bought on steam when it was cheap a while ago. Ugh…I don’t think I like it too much. It’s not the primitive graphics (I can tolerate that) or the controls and gameplay (which are okay). It’s the fact that it’s pretty much like every other “space freelance trading” game out there. There’s not much to differentiate it from Rebel Galaxy or Galaxy on Fire. You start off with a dinky little fighter with weak weapons, with which you can earn money by doing odd jobs–mining, fighting pirates, or, of course, buying goods like robots or food at low prices and selling them at higher prices elsewhere (thus the name of space trading sim)–and when you’ve earned enough cash, you can get more weapons, engines, etc. for your ship and eventually turn it into a death machine. Obviously, this is exactly like the other games I mentioned. None of them seem really distinct from each other, aside from Rebel Galaxy having nicer graphics, I suppose. They all have loose, bare-bones plots, the same types of missions, no real universe-building (all the planets and solar systems are generic, as are the aliens; I couldn’t tell you which particular alien species came from which game), and honestly, if you’ve played one it seems you’ve played them all. It’s all so cookie-cutter: Dock your ship at a trade station to get missions or talk to NPCs which are exactly like every other one in the game, and exactly like every other goofy alien or space trader in any other space trading game. So repetitive…ah, well.


I’ve also been playing a lot of Shadowrun: Hong Kong this week, despite having beaten the game once before. Shadowrun, as many of you guys might know, is a pen and paper RPG set in the 2050s-2070s, where magic coexists alongside cyborgs and computer hackers, and the world is run by megacorporations that have ancient dragons as CEOs. Shadowrun: Hong Kong is one of several videogames set in this cyberpunk-fantasy world, and it’s an RPG that’s kind of like a combination of Baldur’s Gate and XCOM (in terms of the battle system). It’s very fun to play with new character builds and the writing is *fantastic.* Seriously, some of the best I’ve ever seen. I looked up the credits, it seems Andrew McIntosh is responsible. Man, if I ever hit it big and get to make my own videogame, I want him to do the writing, the characters, the setting, everything is so lushly and near-perfectly portrayed. The music is great too 😀


Not much this week, too much time spent outside chillin XD Next week will be busier though, cause I’ve ordered a LOT of stuff off ;D I’ll show it off next week.


Nothin this week, aside from filling out a “registration in absentia” form. That ought to be my last one, here’s hoping my profs get back to me soon aboot my latest dissertation draft 😀

And that should do it for this week. Later today I’m gonna go see the new Dark Tower movie. See ya next Friday, friends 😀





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