Living the Good Life, Episode 43 (July 28, 2017 ): More chillin!

As always these days, good times, good times~~~


Dunkirk: Hot damn, what an intense experience, yet very understated at the same time. The Germans are less of a physical presence (you only catch even a vague glimpse of German soldiers at the very end of the movie) and more of an abstract one, a source of dread looming throughout the movie which could pop up at any time and place, which makes them scary. The soldiers themselves…they’re not heroes. You could tell they were all a bunch of scared kids, ranging from the shell-shocked guy to the ones fighting amongst themselves. But despite that, they do display heroism, in their determination to get out alive and the gestures of devotion to their comrades. There certainly isn’t a lot of Nazi-killing or theatrics here, but man, the very end of the movie *was* a triumph. Even though Dunkirk was an evacuation and thus not exactly a stirring military victory, it certainly was a victory of the will, since all those guys huddled up and shivering on the beach manage to get back home, and going from Churchill’s words at the end, prepared to come back swinging. All in all a great show.

Knights and Magic ep 4: Another fun episode, this one focusing largely on the technical details of improving the mecha. There was a nice fight with some sandworm type creatures though, can’t have an episode without any action 😀 It seems like in the next ep we’ll see the conflict really ramping up. So yeah, more fun times 😀




Pampurio’s continuing to make progress,finished up ep. 29! He’s going on a vacation for a week, so maybe during that time I’ll see about gettin in touch with my Japanese translators and releasin a new ep 😀


Not much this week, honestly, just a whole bunch of Barrier X, the twitch-based game I mentioned a while ago. I dunno why, but it’s so relaxing…


Not much, really, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Barrier X and just chilling general, lots of naps and stuff.


No writan either, just relaxan 😀


Grr…I suppose I’m a ways off from being Solid Snake.


This was at my last trip to the gun range, with an AR-15 with iron sights, at 15 yards, with 5.56 rounds (I forgot the exact brand, I’ll take a picture next time), I fired a total of 20 rounds. I did a little better than last time, as all of my shots at least hit the target paper, but it seems both my accuracy (my ability to hit the circle in the center) and precision (my ability to put a bullet through the exact same place time after time) leave a lot to be desired. I think my problem might be, first, that I’m not sighting the gun correctly (it seems the majority of my shots ended up below what I was aiming at), and second, I jerk the gun a bit when I pull the trigger. I’ll have to work on that…next week, though. This outing cost me 56 american dollary-doos! Das expensive…


Well, on to next week. I’ll leave you off today with some happy words: I don’t do much politics on here, but Lordy, for the first time in maybe a long while, C-SPAN was quite gripping. 😀 😀 😀

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