Living the Good Life, Episode 39 (June 30, 2017 ): Another well-earned respite!

Ahh, I love relaxan 😀


Berserk 24, “City of Humans,” the final episode of season 2. Well, not much to say about it…It pretty much followed the manga chapters when the party goes to Vritannis essentially down pat–Isidro pissing off Schierke, thn the two of them fighting pirates, etc. Alas, Azan didn’t show up ;_; But it was OK. I mean, taking into account the terribad computer animation. The best part of the episode was at the very end, where there’s a bar fight after Guts punches some losers who got Schierke’s new clothes dirty. That was actually decent, and it seems like they spent half the budget of the entire show on that insignificant fight. XD Ah, well.




Hmm…not much success. Gorge is hard to get a hold of, so I’m trying different methods and trying to see about other things. Hmmm…



Children of a Dead Earth. It takes place centuries in the future, when Earth has been rendered uninhabitable, but the various factions of humans living in the Solar System (Martians, residents of the Asteroid belt, etc.) are still fighting amongst themselves. The thing about this game that distinguishes it from other scifi war games, though, is that it’s the most realistic ever made. No Star Wars fighters banking and diving over here:

-All the spaceships and drones look like cones or cylinders with heat radiators attached to them,

-they behave realistically in orbit around moons and planets outside of atmosphere (you can’t swerve or turn around like jet fighters can, you have to spend propellant to rotate),

-you have limited amounts of fuel and you lose if you spend it all,

-you have to calculate the path your ships travel (their trajectories) manually , you can’t just choose a planet and go, you need to worry about fuel, whether or not you’ll crash, etc.

-All the weapons and technology, like rocket systems, railguns, and lasers are being developed by the military IRL, and function in-game as they do IRL (Lasers are invisible, for instance),

-and a whole bunch of other scentific stuff, so much so that the game has its own little scientific encyclopedia!

So yeah, sounds very cool, and a lot of my friends on /m/ loved it (we have a lot of engineering guys on there, so they were glad to have a realistic space combat simulator), so I decided to check it out.  Eh…I can see why folks like it, but I wonder if it’s *too* realistic. I found calculating trajectories to be tiresome and time-consuming, didn’t really enjoy it.Yeah, it’s important, but I’d already played another “calculate trajectory” type game (where you had to launch railgun projectiles from your planet to hit another one in the same solar system, taking into account gravity), so it didn’t seem as interesting, plus I wanted to see more combat, not just boosting my ships into range.

Now, combat itself is pretty fun–when one of your ships or fleets gets close enough to an enemy orbiting whatever planet you’re fighting over, you get taken to a battle screen where your railguns, lasers, etc. go pew pew at each other automatically. The only things you really choose are which parts of the ships to aim at, and some meanuvers your own ships can pull off. But even this is slightly disappointing–while all the spacecraft look realistic, and even the railgun round tracers and missile models are intended to be as realistic as possible, none of them look very nice-everything has this kind of “plastic-y” look to them that makes them seem like, well, models instead of real things. And the music is nothing to write home about–at first, I thought it was nice and smooth and comfy, but after several stages it seems less distinctive and more just “there.” And finally, the planets themselves (I’ve fought around Mercury so far) look like just dull, detail-less spheres instead of anything impressive. Again, I know they were going for realism, but it woulda been nice if things looked nicer :p Ah, well. Still not sorry I bought the game 😀

Total War: Warhammer. As you can tell, this is a grand strategy game set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe of Games Workshop. Warhammer Fantasy was actually phased out a while ago (replaced with Age of Sigmar), so I guess this game and its upcoming sequel will suffice as replacements for fans who still want the old game. I really enjoy this game, it’s my second most played in fact, and I recently got the Beastmen and Wood Elf expansions on the Steam sale. Just beat the Beastman campaign…again, fun times, but I really wish they had ending cinematics for each faction instead of just a little “you won!” note at the end of a very long campaign. Woulda felt better. Still, I had fun 😀

Endless Legend. Another 4X game, reasonably fun. I got all of its expansions during the steam sale. Not so much different from other turn based 4x games I’ve played, though…so it amused me for a while, but I probably didn’t get my money’s worth. Ah, well D:


Abandon by Blake Crouch. Essentially, a historian and his estranged daughter, Abigail, embark on an expedition to a mining town that was mysteriously abandoned in the nineteenth century under very suspicious circumstances. But unfortunately for them, malicious criminals are also interested in the town’s secrets, and as flashbacks to that fateful day in 1893 reveal, evildoers had been interested in the town then as well. Abigail must keep her wits and unravel all of these mysteries before she joins the absent townspeople of Abandon!

I really wanted to like this novel, but I only found it OK and ended up getting bored after the first sections. The opening and premise (an abandoned, mysterious town) were very good, but pretty much all the characters in both the modern day and 19th century sections annoyed me, and I found the ‘criminal activity’ portions in both time frames to be tiresome, not enough supernatural activity for me! This is written well enough, overall, but the story itself just wasn’t captivating to me. Still, I got it at a low price so I’m not complaining too much, maybe other readers would like it better than I did 🙂

I also read a little bit of Edward Feser’s Aquinas again, to refresh myself on some points concerning a blog post I’ve been…


I don’t have it quite ready yet, but it’s a substantial post on something Edward Feser wrote on his blog a little while ago. I’ll put it up early next week, I’ve been putting quite a bit of work into it. Please look forward to it!

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