Living the Good Life, Episode 38 (June 23,2017 ): W0000t!

VERY successful week, brothers and sisters!


Berserk 23, “Proclaimed Omens.” The animation is still so bad, though thankfully not quite as terrible as the previous week’s ep. Even so, it was especially noticeable in the segments where the Armor of the Berserk fully activated. In the manga, it looked really badass, with Guts in his black armor jumping all over the place and slaughtering monsters, but in this anime he just looked like an action figure being lazily posed around. Such a shame. Still, there was a nice moment between him and Schierke near the beginning of the episode, and the ending had a nice still frame, so it wasn’t all bad.

Also checked out the Bloodstained Community Broadcast:

My buddy Xombiemike talking about the recent demos with Miketendo. They talk a lot about visual tidbits I hadn’t noticed before! 😮 I also lol’d when they were talking about the scream Miriam makes whenever she gets a new shard ability, along with their discussion on “bazongas” XD





Nope, nothin doin. I may pick it up next week, though, for reasons we’ll soon see ;D



A little bit of everything, I suppose.

A bit of Sunless Sea. This is a great lil’ indie game in the Fallen London setting with wonderful music, ambience, and most of all, really charming, witty writing. As you can tell by the name, you play a ship captain. I got the Zubmariner expansion which allowed you to become a submarine captain, but…urgh. I love the game and gameplay, but the problem is your ship is so slooow! I understand why you can’t travel to places automatically (you need to ration fuel and supplies) but still, it takes so much time just poking through the water, even with the fastest engines. I wish they had a speedup mode to let you cruise through the waves (with increased fuel/supply consumption, of course) until you encountered an island or enemy or other scenario.

Barrier-X: Mainly this. It’s a twitch-based “avoid-em-up,” I think I got it for free. I mainly play it just to see if my reflexes are still up to snuff. I’m doing pretty good (I’ve unlocked every stage, but haven’t beaten the last) but I suppose at nearly 30, my muscles aren’t as sharp as they used to be. Ah, well…least they’re still reasonably quick ;D

Hatoful Boyfriend: Now this is an amusing little game I got for cheap. Some of y’all have probably heard about it. It’s essentially a dating sim where you play a high school girl, except…all your classmates are pigeons! The appeal of the game, I suppose, comes from its quirky premise as well as being able to romance a lot of cute birdies. I love birds, so I figured I’d find this very amusing, but…ehh. I’ve gotten a little bit through it, and it seems the game doesn’t do much with the “bird” premise. All the birds have the same standard Visual Novel personalities–childhood friend, playboy, bookworm, and so on. If I hadn’t consumed as much Japanese media as I have, it might be a little more compelling, but at this point, even birds can’t get much of a reaction out of me if I’ve seen the dialogue so many times before. Ah, well…


Berserk 351. Looks like they’re almost to the heart of Casca’s dream world, and they’ll recover her personality soon. But man, the monsters in the nightmare…sooooo phallic XD I guess it makes sense, though, since Casca was raped, and the penis-like monsters represent her trauma. So we near the end of the journey, almost to the last piece of Casca’s psyche, and…






Ah, well…guess I have to wait until winter for moar Berserk ;____;


Woooo-HOO! Finally, at long last, finished up the third draft of mah dissertation, my friends. It shouldn’t have taken so long, but like I said, losing my main comp cost me some time, and of course I was distracted by what was going on around me, like the tragic shooting and the recent elections and stuff. But here’s the gist of the email I sent off to my profs:

“I’m done! Here’s what I did:

Small changes: correcting grammatical and spelling errors, adding semicolons in my citations, and removing lots of parentheticals so the writing is easier to follow

Larger changes I made include:

1: Adding a little more of my own exposition in certain parts, and especially in the epilogue, where I describe a bit of the religious background on RL Dabney during reconstruction.

2: Split up my big first chapter into two new ones:  I also added expanded conclusions to both chapters; I think the conclusion to chapter 2 is a piquant way of summarizing the points I wanted to make there.

3: Finally, added mah full bibliography :D.

So my thoughts going forward are that hopefully the fourth draft should be the final one. For that draft, I think I might add more historical context in certain parts, if my profs think it necessary. But if I’ve added enough, I’ll keep the body of my dissertation as it is. Aside from that, I’d like to expand my acknowledgements a little bit in my final draft and also polish up my bibliography, if necessary–I think it should be good, but if there are any formatting errors I’ll correct them for my final draft.

As for what else I need to do…well, I asked Professor H what his new email address would be after he leaves my uni, cause Ill need to keep in touch with him, and I asked my other profs if they could replace him as the main advisor on my committee. That shouldnt be too hard, cause it shouldnt be too much work, my dissertation is almost done! 😀 😀 So yeah, overall:

Very good times this week! Next week, I’ll try to get back in the timing groove, and play even moar videogames. See ya then!

P.S: For even more comfiness, check out my Tumblr playlist, I added a couple more songs ;D


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