Living the Good Life, Episode 37 (June 16, 2017 ): The noice weeks continue!

Lotta good times this week! Definitely better than some other ones I’ve had 😀 😀


Berserk 22, “A Journey Begins in Flames:” OH MY GOD!! WHY IS THE ANIMATION STILL SO BAD ?? ;______________; Seriously, are us Berserk fans condemned to suffer like Guts himself? Terrible, terrible animation! He doesn’t even have a cannon arm the way it’s animated, a little circle just pops up on his mono-colored hand! He just sort of floats in the air when he’s supposed to be jumping all over the place! There’s barely any impact or sense of movement in the fighting! Blood from his wounds just drips from thin air instead of his body!!! I…I…I’ll continue on, but this is the worst adaptation of any manga I can think of. How can the animators live with themselves? ;_;

Last Friday I also caught a movie, It Comes After Dark. Ehh…man, maybe I’m getting too old for movies. What’s the point of going to a movie theater when I can watch everything at hoooome?! I noticed was that I was literally the only person in the theater. Either this movie is unpopular, or movies in general are unpopular these days…I think it may be the latter, as I can’t remember the last time I was in a filled theater. So if everyone else is at home watching Netflix, why shouldn’t I be as well?

Anyways, it was scary, but I guess it was more psychological horror than zombie horror, which I thought it’d be after the beginning. It was a very well made movie, but I found myself getting so bored that I wanted to leave about halfway through it. I persevered to the end, though. Tragedy…;_; I guess it’s worth the money if you want more subtle horror, but I kinda prefer movies where the threat is made just a *bit* more clear. As it is, I didn’t think I got enough bang for my buck. Maybe I’ll just stick to netflix from now on…if I had an account, that is ;_;






Nope, nothin doin. Computer wasn’t in, though as we’ll see, that may have changed ;D



A little bit of the Battletech demo I mentioned a while ago. Pretty fun, the graphics look very nice IMO and the gameplay reminds me of Front Mission, where you can destroy different parts of your mechs. Only played one battle, cause I wanna wait for the full game with story mode and all that, but I’ve little to complain about. Aside from that, there are a ton of new Bloodstained videos from E3 which look pretty cool, check em out:


Not much, but that might change soon ;D


GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! My compy came in earlier this week and seems to be back in operation, working like a charm. The only problem is that they deleted some sticky notes (windows 7 has those), but oh well, I should have told them not to I suppose. Thankfully, my dissertation third draft was still on there, and in good condition, so I promptly got back to work on it. I added in a couple of paragraphs, split up chapter 1 like my profs asked me to, and made a few other minor changes. Not too hard, though once again, paying attention to politics made it feel much harder. The recent shooting has made me worried as hell. First, yeah, my prayers and sympathies are with the injured Congressmen, but it annoys me how hypocritical a lot of right-wingers are being about this. They’re taking examples of lefties on Twitter who are (disgustingly) cheering for the shooting, but then they forget all the Holocaust jokes and “day of the rope” bullshit they’ve been spewing since their “God-Emperor” was elected. Still, it’s empty nonsense…what worries me more is the prospect of those guys trying to get “revenge” or something. I’ve been holding off on getting a gun since the handgun permit process in my state is extremely onerous, but I’m starting to think I should just try and go through with it. Things might be getting risky soon 😦

Well, that’s something to be dealt with, but I can deal with it later. At the moment, I just gotta put some finishing touches on the third draft, then add in its bibliography, and then email it to my profs, along with some confirmation on who’s gonna be mah new chair after Prof. H goes off to his new uni. I’ll finish that over the weekend, see y’all next week 😀

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