Living the Good Life, Episode 36 (June 9, 2017 ): Noice week!

Lotta good times this week! Definitely better than some other ones I’ve had πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Berserk 21.5: Ugh, this wasn’t even a new episode, just a recap ep! Suuuucks 😦 Guess I gotta wait till later today (Friday) for a good episode…







Nope, nothin doin. Computer wasn’t in, though as we’ll see, that may have changed ;D



Finally got a nicer internet setup in my room which allowed me to connect my PS4 to the Internet again. I downloaded the free Gravity Rush 2 DLC, Raven’s Choice. It was pretty good…tied up a loose plot point hanging at the end of Gravity Rush 2, and had a bittersweet ending as well ;_; Not quite as long as I hoped, though (I beat it in one day) and the camera issues were still present. Still, certainly worth it for a free DLC. Very noice, very noice.

Also backed Blasphemous on Kickstarter. The pixel art looks soooo cool!

I didn’t back that much–just 66 dollars for the physical artbook + shipping. I can understand why a lotta folks are leery of putting down a lot of money on Kickstarters, due to the trouble some of mine have been having (though, as we’ll see, those troubles have thankfully been overcome). Still, the spritework for this was soooo good I wanted to support it, even if it’s a bit of a risk πŸ˜€

Speaking of crowdfunding, the Phoenix Point gameplay demo finally came out:

I’m a bit torn over this…the video itself is great, being able to target different alien parts is the sort of thing I’ve always wanted to see. The animations could use some work, but they’ll improve eventually. What pisses me off is how bad the attached article is. The author didn’t link the Fig campaign page and said the game was a post-WWII setting instead of a post-WWIII setting! Minor errors, but still annoying, and not linking to the fig campaign really hurts the amount of money we might have gotten for the next two stretch goasl. Absolutely terrible, IMO. I really like Phoenix Point, but in my opinion the crowdfunding campaign was relatively poorly handled: Miniscule social media presence, confusion over rewards (the “compendium” addon only appeared some time after everyone asked for it when it could have been added immediately), and a gameplay video released as the campaign was ending on a site that didn’t link to the campaign itself! I’m glad we got to the first stretch goal, but things could have gone so much better. They made UnstableVoltage, one of the most enthusiastic fans, the community manager near the end of the campaign, but if he had been the CM from the beginning I think we could have made a lot more money. Oh, well…as the latest update ( says, we still made like 153% of our goal, so that was good at least πŸ˜€

In much better news, Bloodstained FINALLY updated! Check it out:

I was worried they wouldn’t get an update out before E3 (next week) but thankfully my fears were well assuaged. The video is really great–IGA, Bloodstained’s director, asks some thoughtful questions to a staff member (he wanted his identity kept private XD), and then they showed off some game footage! Again, it really assuaged my fears, along with those of many other people, cause the footage looks soooo much improved! The levels look a LOT better, especially the village area: A lot of folks said that one was sub-par when it was first shown off, but now it looks quite respectable. I’m definitely glad this video showed off all the progress Bloodstained has made: People were getting disgruntled and morale was dipping because it had been so long since the update, but now everyone’s energetic and hyped for Bloodstained, as we should be! Now we just have to wait for the demo at E3, then things will really kick off. Seems like the project is back on track–I admit I was worried for a little while, but IGA and his team have justified my faith in them πŸ˜€

Still, it was a bit of a loss, I know a few folks have asked for refunds and stuff, both because of the lack of updates and for other reasons, like moving from the Nintendo Wii U to the Switch. Hopefully an awesome E3 demo can get some of those donations back ;D


Not much, but that might change soon ;D


Again, not much this week, but thank God, my computer came back from the repair shop at Digital Storm! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Now I should be able to get back on track with my dissertation~

The repairs went well enough, it turns out that my whole motherboard was fried, but they replaced it free of charge (aside from 80 bux for shipping). Alas, they couldn’t tell me what exactly fried it, they just told me to be careful to keep my system free of dust ;-; Also, they deleted my Windows 7 sticky notes, but that was my fault cause I didn’t tell them to be careful of it. Ah well.

This week has been generally awesome. I got some nice long lasting lightbulbs that should last for 13 years (though they’re white rather than yellow like I like ~_~). Then I got a redone Internet connection: Beforehand, I used a box that turned an ethernet cable from my main internet router into a wireless signal (since the wireless from my main router was too weak to reach up to my room), but this caused a few problems, so I got a new ethernet switch that turned one ethernet cable into a bunch! Finally, to reorganize my room in light of my comfy new recliner, I moved my newly repaired main compy along with my backup laptop to new places. My room is a comfier casbah than it’s ever been! Here’s a pic:



I am VERY pleased with this week. Hopefully the next is as good! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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