Living the Good Life, Episode 35 (June 2, 2017 ): Easy living, but a bit of progress!

Some good general news this week, friends. Here’s the lowdown:


Berserk 21: Oh my God. What should have been an awesome episode was so, sooooo bad. I mean, they got lines from the manga down and everything, but the animation…the animation!!!! Soooooo sooooo bad! I just…I just can’t say anything more. Sometimes it was like South Park levels of quality. The only salvation was that the Berserker Armor looked pretty cool at the end. I hope they skimped on the budget for this ep so that the next one would be good, cause this was such a disappointment!! Thankfully, things are better on the videogame front…




Still nothin, been distracted ;-;


MUUUUCH better than the Berserk TV series is chapter 350 of the Berserk manga. This was fantastic! As I said on Reddit, “What a wonderful chapter. The imagery of the strange creatures in the dark, dreary expanse of Casca’s inner world is just the sort of imagery I love. Reminds me of the hellscapes I’ve seen in good horror movies, or the alternate nightmare worlds we see in Bloodborne. I love that sense of isolation, alien-ness in a hostile world. And it’s combined with so much nostalgia…Guts and Casca’s first meeting in battle, the way their friendship grows as they fight side by side, and, of course, when Guts makes love to her XD It sure is interesting seeing all these old scenes drawn in Miura’s new style :D”


Got Black Desert on steam sale for cheap…it’s very buggy, though I guess it’s still in Early Access. Other than that, the character creation is certainly very detailed, but the “action gameplay” isn’t very good, Vindictus is still better :p

In happier news, I was worried quite a bit about the progress Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was making. The game hadn’t received an update on its Kickstarter page for quite a while, and since I’m a moderator at the forums I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it. Fortunately, though, a team member from Japan, Mana, is telling us that the demo for E3 looks muuuuuch better than the demo released initially (which was already pretty good). This leads think they’re just keeping mum on everything until the game is shown off on the E3 floor, for maximum surprise and maximum hype 😀

In equally good news, the Battletech game from Harebrained Schemes, another project I kickstarted, released a small playable demo! Alas, I haven’t gotten to play it yet, cause I wanna wait till I can get back on my good computron, which should be happening soon, since…

The only thing I’m worried about is that Phoenix Point hasn’t uploaded the gameplay video they promised yet, but given different timezones, I bet it’ll be up in a couple hours :p Guess I’ll see later.


Not much this week, but I have gotten some emails from Digital Storm that my computer is making progress, so I should be able to get back to business soon enough 😀 It turns out that my motherboard was messed up, not my power supply. I asked why, but they said they couldn’t tell specifically, sometimes parts just wear out, or maybe dust got into my computer. I gotta be careful about that, grr.

Aside from all that, a bit of SHOOTAN news: Went back to Wolcott Guns and signed up for a rifle skills course. I already took their guns safety course, but now I want to become a better marksman. Not to get too political (though my Twitter and Tumblr tell where my politics lie) but things are getting a little too hot for my liking in America, and I figure it’s better to be prepared than not. Thankfully, Wolcott Guns seems like a really cool place–the staff is super friendly, and despite the reputation “gun people” have as “angry white males,” the place is much more laid-back. All the white guys there seem to be pretty chill and from a reasonably wide political spectrum, a lot of ladies can be seen at the range, and many black and Hispanic guys (cops and civilians, from what I’ve noticed) drop in too. So it definitely seems like a nice place 😀 Gonna take my classes late in June…hopefully, as the courses might be canceled if the teacher’s gotta jet XD Ah, well.

Hmm…overall, this seems like it was indeed a better week than last, all things considered. Can’t complain too much 😀 On to the next!


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