Living the Good Life, Episode 34 (May 26, 2017 ): Ehhh…still takin’ it easy!

Not a terrible week, though the tragedy in Manchester put a pall on things. Personally, however, I’ve been doing alright. Not too much work on my dissertation, so I’ll explain why up front:


Not much of that. Essentially, I’ve concluded that I’d be better off just getting a new chair when Dr. H heads off to his new uni in June. Why? A couple of reasons: First, as long as Dr. H is on my reading committee in some way or another, I’m fine, because Dr. A and Dr. J agree with all of his advice so far–they’re all on the same page, so to speak. So even if I get a new chair, it’s not like I’ll have to redo my dissertation entirely. Secondly, I foolishly concentrated all my effort on the dissertation itself, but forgot about the administrative and bureaucratic stuff! I just realized I’d have to fill out a bunch of forms, wrangle up some money for a copyright agreement thing, and mail in physical copies of my dissertations to all my readers and the department itself, which always takes time! So with all that, I figured I wouldn’t be able to submit before June 30 anyways, and might as well take the extra time to polish up my dissertation. The more you rush, the greater the chance of mistakes, so if I don’t have to rush, I’ll be able to get better work in 😀


Berserk 20: Pretty cool! Slan, one of the big baddies, was really creepy, and the action was nice too, it was cool to see Isidro finally being useful in a fight. Plus, they got Skull Knight’s distinctive line from the manga down pat XD But alas, the relatively poor animation doesn’t do justice to the original art 😦 As usual, ah, well…


Nothin, since my main comp is down 😛





Still nothin, been distracted ;-;


Still no readan this week, though there is a bloodstained article you should read:

Essentially, a little while ago, IGA (the director of Bloodstained, a game I’m looking forward to) said that Bloodstained was only 20-30% complete, despite being in the works since 2015. A lot of people were driven to despair, but our community manager, Mana, got in touch with us on the forums and cleared things up. TL;DR: “complete” might have been better translated as “implemented,” it seems like IGA’s team have actually gotten most of the assets, models, statistics, etc. done, those just have to be put in the game itself. At the moment, the top programmers haven’t opened up the game engine to make inserting all that stuff easy, but when they do, the rest of the game should fly by in a jiffy.

So yeah, that’s a relief, at least 😀

Well, on to next week…hope that’ll be better, though this week wasn’t all bad, as you might be able to tell from my glowing description of Williamsville XD


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