Living the Good Life, Episode 33 (May 19, 2017 ): Minor setbacks, but no big deals…

A good week, but not as good as some others…Not too bad though. I’ll start with the fun stuff:


Berserk 19: This was okay. I’m not sure about the editing of the fight between Guts and Serpico and the bigass ogre and cunning Kelpie on the other–some of the cuts seemed a little abrupt to me, as they used to be. Also, I love “Hai Yo,” as it’s so badass when Guts does something, well, badass, but I thought they were kinda overusing it at this point, it doesn’t have quite the same effect on me as it used to. As usual, ah, well :p


More XCOM 2. One of the alien hunter missions glitched up on me and erased a lot of work, which pissed me off. Aside from that, though, I’ve put in so many hours into the game that it’s started to become repetitive for me. I’ve fought the same endgame enemies on the same maps like a zillion times by now. Just as well, I suppose, I’ve got a lot of work to put in :p




Still nothin, due to dissertationan ;_;


Not much readan either, aside from the blog posts I linked and stuff related to my…


Not good! I’m typing on my laptop now. See, my main computer went down AGAIN! I was working on my dissertation on Tuesday morning, and then my machine just shut down! I couldn’t turn it on again, pressing the power button did nothing. I tried plugging it into different outlets and surge protectors, fiddling with cables, all that stuff, but nothing worked. I called Digital Storm and they said it was either a problem with the power source or a fused switch or something on the motherboard. Argh…well, nothing to be done. The problem is, I was working on the third draft of my dissertation on it, and JUST as I was gonna back it up on my flash drive, my compy died! Talk about bad luck, eh? I could try to unscrew my hard drives and recover the data with a SATA to USB connector thingie, but that would be risky, as I don’t wanna damage something inadvertently. So I’ll just send it over to the compy guys and let them deal with it, but that’ll take weeks.

I’m not too mad, though. I hadn’t actually done that much work on my dissertation–just gone through and made all the lil grammatical edits my profs wanted. Not like I lost whole pages worth of hardcore writan! I’ll have to go through the work again and make all the little edits, but since they’re just little edits it should be easy to deal with them. I can do it in a couple of hours, maybe a couple of days at the *very* most.

After that, I’ll get back on the substantial edits. Now, my profs have got back to me: They assured me that my readan committee won’t change, once I submit the funssertation my uni won’t let me TA unless they hire me so I should start job huntan, it’s prolly a good idea to get in touch wif my old employer, and I should set up an interfolio account for job huntan. But they didn’t mention any specific details about where I needed more context, so I assume what I have in mind is what they want. Gotta git started on that…

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