Living the Good Life, Episode 25 (March 17, 2017 ): Too much snow!

Pretty nice week, but didn’t really do anything. We had some big snowstorms in my area, so I spent much of my days cleaning up snow from the driveway whenever I wanted to go out to eat, and I couldn’t go anywhere on Tuesday cause everything was closed. Thankfully the weather’s clearing up 😀


Nothing this week.


Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Director’s Cut. Shadowrun is a really cool setting–it’s like someone crossed DnD with Blade Runner! You have cyborgs and hackers chumming around with mages and dragons in a pretty dystopic cyberpunk world. It’s really cool, and Dragonfall captures the feel of it perfectly. I beat it before, but I was upgraded to Director’s Cut for free, so I got some nice new content like extra missions and stuff. The writing is fantastic, the characters are REALLY well drawn and there’s an incredibly awesome plot twist at the end that I don’t wanna spoil, but believe me, it’ll have you at the edge of your seat. On the other hand…the gameplay, eeeehh. It’s kinda like a simplified version of XCOM (turn-based, tile based combat with guns where cover is important), but it’s heavily reliant on RNG, and the RNG is annoying. You can miss like 5 shots in a row when your guy has an 80% chance to hit! Making matters even worse, there’s a game-breaking bug in the second last stage, which ended up messing up my save files! I lost hours of work, though thankfully there’s a “rewind” function that lets you get save files back. I managed to get past the bug and beat the game earlier today, but it was damn aggravating. Ah, well…


Grrr, haven’t been able to get hold of Gorge. I gotta try harder…


Not much readan aside from the Warmachine book I got. 😮 I also tried to read a book by Dean Koontz, “Winter Moon,” but uuuugh, the beginning was boring enough that I didn’t get to the alien parts I heard came later on. Ah, well, at least the book was cheap…


Not much either ;o






So once again, not much done aside from playing videogames. No big deal, though…since the weather’s cleared up, there’s plenty of time next week to head to the bank and get a financial advisor’s advice on investan, and start thinking about jobz. See ya then!


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