Living the Good Life, Episode 23 (March 3, 2017 ): BERSERK!

Ah, now THIS was a nice week 😀


Not much, really. Been mostly playing videogames, like…



Or specifically, Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, or even more specifically, Berserk Musou. It’s essentially the Dynasty Warriors spin on the hyper-ultra-violent manga (and anime) series, Berserk, which you’ll probably remember from my anime reviews a few months back XD

It was pretty good for what it was…probably not my favorite Musou game, but they really captured the feel of being Guts and slaughtering hundreds of monsters and/or mooks. The feel of Guts swinging his weapon, the super-moves, the sight of monsters and humans being sliced into little pieces…incredibly visceral, just like the manga. The gameplay isn’t especially deep, mainly just button mashing, and there are no surprises for anyone who read the original manga (unlike the first Berserk game for the Dreamcast, which had its own original story), but even doing nothing more than button mashing makes me grin when I’m slicing up the beasties I remember from the manga. Even better is the chance to play as some other characters, like the badass Zodd or the cool Serpico 😀

I also gotta give the game props for one thing: The CG cutscenes were OK. Not exceptional, but OK. Compared to the straight-up crappiness of the 2016 Berserk anime’s CGs, that’s an accomplishment XD

There were some disappointments…the game took out some characters I liked (such as Azan) and some important ones (such as the Moonlight Boy). There was also a lot of cut content: For instance, instead of the wide variety of scary Apostle monsters, there are only like 3 basic mook types you fight in several stages. They also didn’t include the awesome fight with Mozgus’s disciples. It also goes without saying they cut out a lot of sexually explicit or extraordinarily violent content. “That Scene” in the Eclipse was still there, though obviously censored, but they took out the Lost Children arc (which revolved around killing kids turned into demons), the goat demon apostle spawn, the scene with Mozgus torturing heretics and breaking them on wheels, Wyald’s phallic tongue, the background of some Apostles like the Count, the horrifying birth of the Kushan war demons, and stuff like that. Both cases were understandable, though…the devs couldn’t include everything, as there’s only room for so many character models, and they couldn’t include the really extreme stuff or the game would have gotten an AO instead of an M rating.

Less excusable are the massive amounts of typos…seriously, just look at all these a friend of mine catalogued on Tumblr:

It’s ridiculous! I mean, I can cut them a bit of slack, but so many typos…like the guy on Tumblr said, did they even have proofreaders?! Ah, well. Guess all of us strugglers–that’s one name for Berserk fans, and an apt one considering how often the series goes on hiatus–will have to wait for a perfect Berserk game. But at least I got my money’s worth with this one.

I’ve also been playing a bit of Gravity Rush 2. That game’s also very enjoyable, but I think I must have missed an installment…the protagonist, Kat, and one of her friends are stranded in an entirely new area and I dunno how they got there. Think there might have been a DLC for the first Gravity Rush, or maybe the little anime I haven’t seen yet, that provided the framing. Guess I’ll try to check those out before I play much more.


Not much…I’m trying to get in touch with Gorge but he’s very hard to get a hold of ;_;


Working my way through all the 40k books I got, mainly. Nothing serious XD


Not much either. Just relaxin, relaxin…


Lotsa good stuff! Check these out:










So yeah, didn’t do much this week besides play Berserk, but it was a lot of fun anyways 😀 Ahh…you know, my life really is good. I might write more on that specifically next week…or not. We’ll see XD


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