Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 35 (Season 2 second-to-last-episode): At long last, victory!

Hoooooo boy. It took a while, longer than I hoped, but it’s finally happened.

On Monday, February 13, 2017, I handed in the second draft of my dissertation.

My feelings about it? Honestly, I’m kinda apathetic…as surprising as it may seem, I don’t feel as accomplished as I did when I turned in my first draft. Maybe it’s because I’ve learned to be cautious…even though my profs said my changes seemed OK and to send in what I had, there’s no guarantee they’ll like it. Maybe they’ll get back to me and say, “Gunlord, this sucks, back to the drawing board entirely.” So yeah, I’m not gonna be happy with myself until the shoe has dropped, so to speak, and I’m 100% sure they like what I got, or at least think I’ve improved.

Still, it feels good to know I’ve done everything I can. I guess I gotta work on “demobilizing”–that is to say, giving back all these damn library books that have been cluttering up my room! Also, one thing I wanna do is play Shovel Knight. I bought the game a while ago for full price on Steam cause I wanted to support what seemed like a very good game developer. Unfortunately, as busy as I was with my dissertation, I never had a chance to play it ;_; I’mma get started on it soon.

As for relaxin since the 13th…I haven’t done much eating out, or playing too many games, just sort of chatting with friends on Steam and Skype. However, I did manage to FINALLY finish off the last three episodes of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, part 4! Here’s my quick thoughts…

37: I knew what was gonna happen from the manga, but watching it again was really impressive. Hayato managed to pull himself out of a really sticky situation and save the lives of his friends with a very cunning ploy, and one that kinda relied on the villain gloating at just the right moment. Well played, kid, well played. Now time for the final battle…

38: I can’t say anything except this: FREAKIN AWESOME FINAL BATTLE!! Seriously, so many twists and turns that I was on the edge of my seat even though I knew the good guys were gonna win. Absolutely fantastic!

39: Wonderful finale where the bad guy gets his just deserts (after trying one last trick) and the good guys get their happy endings. Just perfect, especially the music.

My thoughts on the series? Great! My favorite Jojo anime yet. One of the most enjoyable animes of any type I’ve seen recently, in fact. I actually almost teared up at that last episode, it struck me how attached I’d gotten to the series ;_; Ah, but I’m a big softy. I wonder what they’ll do for part 5…

Aaaaand that does it for this week. I just sent off an email to my profs to make sure they got my second draft (they did, w00t) so it’s back to relaxin! Next week will be the last entry in season 2 of my Dissertation Saga, and it’ll be sort of a retrospective after I’ve unwound: I’ll go into more detail about why it took so long and what I learned from the editing struggle. See you then!

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