Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 33 (Season 2): Progress and Frustration

Well, as the day counts down to the last of my extension, I’ve got good news and bad news. First the good: I’m almost done with the changes I’ve made. The bad, though…well, as you’ve probably gathered, I made some pretty significant changes to organization, and while I think my work is looking much better, I’m not sure if my profs will agree! So for today, I’m sending off a quick email detailing all the changes I’ve made to my draft. If they like what I’ve said, I’ll send em the draft and describe everything to you guys next week. If not, it’s back to the drawing board! Again, I’m feeling confident in what I made, so I think that’s unlikely, but if not…better safe than sorry. So that’s another short entry this week, but hopefully next week will have better news.

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