Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 27 (Season 2): Tougher than I’d thought :(

Urrgh! Once again, my friends, I haven’t made as much progress this week as I’d hoped. I’ve gotten started on the next chapter, but for a couple of days I was busy helping my mom pack and get ready for a trip. I’d wanted to really get into gear on Wednesday, but when I took another look at my recommended reorganizations and changes, I once again found they were harder to implement than I thought, and I had to spend a lot of time thinking on how to implement them. I think I’ve finally managed to get a rough idea, and I’ve started writing, but so far I’ve barely managed to get the first couple of pages revised.

Well, not the end of the world…it’s just the beginning of Friday, so maybe if I get really lucky and really put the pedal to the metal, I can finish the remaining 60 pages of revision in two days and keep myself on schedule. If not, though…well, no big deal. The earliest date I wanted to get something in to my profs was on Jan 22, which is 5 weeks away, so I still have plenty of time, and the latest date was on Feb 22, so I really do have plenty of time! And while I’d like to get this done before July because if I finish it by then Dr. H will still be my main advisor, even if I don’t, Dr. H can still be on my committee, just not as chair. So I’m not really too perturbed.

Still, I really do wanna get this done sooner rather than later, so I haven’t done much else this week. Didn’t go out anywhere for foods, and not much readan, playan, watchan, or timan either (I guess I’ll contact Gorge and tell him he’s in no rush, haha). The only non work related thing I really did was watch this:

The Bloodstained Christmas podcast. My buddy Xombiemike interviewed our Bloodstained forum’s official community manager from Igarashi’s team, Mana Ikeda. He also gave her some questions our forumgoers asked. Pretty cool, although she couldn’t say too much about a lot of things due to spoilers, but she did clarify some things, like procedural generation being used for backgrounds rather than enemies too (that would cause slowdown on some systems). So yeah, pretty fun 😀

S0 that about does it for this week. Oh, one more thing. I got some games from Steam–the Sunless Sea expansion, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura, “One Small Fire At a Time” (forgot why I bought this, but it was on my wishlist and cheap), VA-11 HALL-A, and Sheltered. Haven’t played any of those yet though, since, as usual, I’ll start on all my stuff after finishing this second draft. On that front, hopefully the next week will be better…

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