Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 25 (Season 2): Laying the Groundwork

A reasonably productive week, my friends–and I had a good deal of fun, too! Here, as usual, is the lowdown:


Jojo ep. 36: I’m still not sure how Killer Queen’s power works, but holy crap, this episode was AWESOME! First they played the OP backwards, to reference how the antagonist can turn back time, and then it features his young son (sorta) trying to stop his schemes! That little kid is surprisingly badass, and crafty, for one so young. He didn’t succeed, alas, but he came super close to doing so! The young’un showed more skill and straight-up courage, the determination to do what’s right regardless of the risk, than many shonen protagonists these days. I kinda wish he was the protagonist of his own series, but obviously that’s not gonna happen, haha. But he’s certainly in a tight spot now, I wanna see what happens next!!!


The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlbron. I’d heard very good things about this author and wanted to check her out, and…I was pretty impressed. Essentially, the premise of this book is that the protagonist’s parents were apparently killed by a ghostly kid living in their old house, and years later, after losing his own son and separating from his wife, the protag returns to that house to try and rebuild his life–but, of course, the ghostly kid is still there.

It’s pretty spooky, especially the way the ghost is portrayed–I don’t wanna spoil anything, but you will find out why it’s called the “Bird Eater.” But it’s also subtle enough that a reader could argue that the protag is just hallucinating due to grief. And Ahlbron portrays the grief of losing one’s child VERY well. For me, I kinda like stories where the supernatural element is more directly obvious, and there’s less ambiguity about whether or not the ghosts were “real” or just figments of the imagination, but that’s just me. For most other folks this would certainly be five stars!

The Haunting of Blackwych Grange by Amy Cross. I gotta say, first up, that the structure of this story was similar to what I found in Devil’s Root Lake–starts off in the “present day,” switches back a few hundred years to explain the nature of the horror, and then concludes back in the present day. The premise, essentially, is that a young university student accompanies her cruel, demanding professor to find out the truth behind a notoriously haunted house, Blackwych Grange–but as it turns out, the house really is haunted, and the professor is hiding dirtier secrets than he lets on…

Another cheap-but-solid-4-star story from Cross. Like Devil’s Root Lake, the story is competently written but not entirely predictable either, and gave me enough scares for my money. I think I might have seen a spelling error here and there, but none I can clearly recall at the time.


Not much at all, honestly, and the same applies to..


Again, nothing doing, cause I’ve been so busy…


Got something concrete done this week. Making my way through Holloway and Alcott’s books has given me some nifty ideas! I think I have a better idea of how to use subheadings to improve my first chapter, and a better idea of how to organize those sub-sections thematically. So what I primarily did for this week was go over my whole dissertation again, this time writing down a kind of checklist of important things to do/correct (as opposed to just going through the minor spelling, formatting, etc. changes I did last time). With this organizational background, I should be able to go a little faster in writing a second draft 😀 I’ll get started on that next week. I’ll hopefully have to spend no more than a week on each chapter, with maybe one extra week as leeway, so I’ll spend 6 weeks on the second draft in total. Thus, I’ll hopefully be done by January 21, which is well within the timeline I originally sent my profs ;D One thing, though…after reading Jim Crow Wisdom, I got to thinking that subheadings might be useful for all my chapters, not just the first! I’ll contact Dr. H to see if he agrees–he probably will, but might as well make sure. And that does it for this week…except for one thing.

Here’s something fun: some pictures of the food I’ve been eating this week!




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