Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 24 (Season 2): Lotsa good news!

Hot damn! Not the most productive week in the universe, despite last week’s promise, but a good one. I’ll explain everything. Here’s what I’ve been up to ;D


Jojo ep. 33: There are two fights going on right now: One between the main protag and a guy who turns people into paper, and another between a side character, Rohan Kishibe the manga artist, and a freaky stand that lives on people’s backs. I thought the fight with the paper dude was entertaining, but sort of, well, thrown. It turned out that even people turned into paper could interact with the world for a few minutes before being turned entirely, and that was how Josuke and his friends beat the bad guy. But with such a flaw, the bad guy seems a lot less threatening in retrospect :p

Jojo ep. 34: The conclusion of Rohan’s fight with the Stand on his back. A MUCH better episode, that Stand was freaky but Rohan’s plan to lure it out was genius! We also see more of the main antagonist, and holy shit is he scary. He’s even more sinister and creepy than Hannibal Lecter, IMO.

Jojo ep. 35: So now the antagonist has a new Stand power…that lets him turn back time! It’s kind of hard to understand how it works, and to be honest, I’m still not sure. Maybe the next episode will explain a little better…


A bit of Assault Suit Leynos and Planetbase, a space colony simulator. Leynos is REALLY fun! It’s a remake of an old Genesis mecha sidescroller game from 1990 and they did an awesome job with it. Great action, decent graphics, and lots of cool new features! They put so much effort into it, I don’t know why it hasn’t sold better…;_;

Planetbase is…OK. Sorta like games like SimCity, you start with few resources and have to build a good, self-sustaining city, though in this case it’s an interplanetary settlement. It’s reasonably entertaining, but there’s not a whole lot to do after you’ve got all the resources you need and researched all technologies you can. Still OK, though.


I got in touch with Gorge and he says he hasn’t gotten started yet…oh well ;-;

As for what I’ve been readan and writan, well, that ties into what I’ve been…


Quick recap: Last week I said I gotta go fast, ‘cuz my main advisor got a job at a different uni! But when I emailed him about it, he responded with a couple of reassurances:

One: He’s leaving in July, so if I get my dissertation to him before then, he can still serve as the main advisor. So I should try to get a final draft in by April or May and I’ll be set. That’s a bit of a tight deadline, but it’s at least reasonable–I was worried I’d have to get all of this finished by February at the latest! So while I still gotta keep myself in gear, I don’t quite have to go full Sonic the Hedgehog/GOTTAGOFAST just yet. I have a little breathing room, so to speak 😀

Two: Even if I don’t have a publish-ready final draft by July, Dr. H can still be on my committee, just not as chair. That might be a little inconvenient, but not as bad as it could be, since at least he’ll still be on my team. And if one of my other advisors (Dr. A or Dr. J) can replace him as my main one, then it’s not a big inconvenience at all! 😀

So yeah, while I don’t have too much time to dally around, I have a bit more time than I thought. So, once again…


Just as good, my advisors also sent me a bit of advice on more books to read. While these ones aren’t directly related to my subject, they may offer insight into how to approach things from a more “theoretical” perspective.

Jonathan Holloway’s Jim Crow Wisdom

Saidiya Hartman’s Lose Your Mother

Aaron Sach’s American Arcadia

While these aren’t actually theoretical works either, Dr. H said they do provide some insight into thinking about history, which is important for figuring out how to deal with historical theory like I want to do. So I’mma read those, and be back next week with whatever I find~

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