Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 23 (Season 2): A brief respite…VERY quickly ended!

Pretty good times recently. I got sick for a couple days from last Friday to this Thursday, but now I’m feeling better, and on Thursday  I had a nice thanksgiving dinner with my family. I’m definitely thankful for the nice relaxation I got done, which consists of…


Not much this week either, my family came over so I spent most of the time with them :p I’ll get back to Jojo next week.


Not too much, actually, just little bits of a variety of Steam space games–Interstellaria (some good ideas, but kinda buggy), Destination: Sol (a free space shooter game, got what I paid for I guess), and some more Battlefleet Gothic (I was pleasantly surprised to see I had both the Tau and Space Marine fleets, I suppose I should see if I bought them and just forgot about them).


Nope, nothin doin, cause Gorge was busy with thanksgiving as well XD


Got a ton of horror books off Kindle, along with Volume 3 of the LoGH novels!

LoGH 3: Endurance: Once again, loving this as much as the previous two. The translation’s about the same quality, though some of the name choices like turning Maschengo into “Machungo” struck me as a little weird. Huddleston got Yang’s lines at the Court of Inquiry down PAT, though 😀

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon. INCREDIBLY spooky! Really one of the best horror novels I’ve read in ages. Other reviewers have said it’s a worthy successor to Pet Sematery and I agree! The characters weren’t exceptional but they were pretty good, and the way McMahon revealed the history behind the “Sleepers” was great. My only problem was that it was confusing jumping between old diary entries and the present day, because the “old diary entry” parts also had 3rd person segments from characters besides the author of the diary.

Cold Moon Over Babylon by McDowell. This was also pretty spooky. I liked it better than The Elementals, though not as much as The Winter People. Even though it was obvious who the evil villainous antagonist was early on, there’s just enough ambiguity about the supernatural justice he faces, not resolved until the very end, that things are kept interesting.

The Bog by Michael Talbot. This was really fun! At the end of it it sort of turned into “plucky intellectual has to defeat an ancient sorcerer to prevent him from plunging the whole world into darkness,” and yes, that’s pretty much the premise of The Keep, but it’s pulled off pretty well, IMO. It makes me wish it had started a series like The Keep had, but alas, Mr. Talbot died in 1992 ;_; Ah, well.

The Horror of Devil’s Root Lake by Amy Cross. Another solid entry from this author; the real identity of the monster was kind of strange, but it was revealed slowly well enough, IMO. One tiny spoiler, you won’t find out the reason for the title of the book until the end ;D


Again, nothing this week, since I was busy with my family, but…I may have to get myself in full GOTTAGOFAST mode D: It seems one of my advisors might be getting a job elsewhere soon! Hopefully we can still work together via email and Skype, but if not, I may have to find either a new advisor OR finish my dissertation before he leaves! I’ll try to do the latter, because the advisor I have right now is the best and I don’t think I can find a better one ;_; So, my friends, next week it seems I’ll really have to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT! See you then!

Well, one more thing before I go. Things I’m thankful for:

1: Having made as much progress on my dissertation as I already have 😀

2: My friends, online and off

3: My family

4: My reasonably good health

5: Good books

6: Good music

7: Good anime

8: Good video games

9: Good food

That does it for now, see ya next week 😀

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