Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 21 (Season 2): The beginning of progress

Hoo boy, what a week. I gotta be honest, I didn’t get as much done on my dissertation as I hoped…BUT I did receive a major kick in the ass to get me in gear, so from Wednesday to today I got some good work done, and I think I’m poised to get a lot more done next week.

What I spent a bit of time on:

WATCHAN:Ep. 32 of Jojo. Very fun episode, with the final fight with the guy living in the electrical tower, and a new one started with an evildoer who’s abducted the protagonist’s mom! Can’t wait for the next episode, it’s been a while since I read the manga so I don’t remember this too well.

PLAYAN: Darkest Dungeon. Been playing a LOT of this. It’s an RPG heavily inspired by Lovecraft where you take a party into a dungeon to fight monsters, bring back loot and money, and eventually get strong enough to defeat the true evil nesting in the titular Darkest Dungeon. It’s kind of a roguelike, in that it autosaves automatically and any of your party members who die in battle are lost permanently. So it’s very tough, and frustrating at times, but the art and monster designs are great, the world and setting very intriguing, and the narration–done by Wayne June, who’s famous for a lot of Lovecraft audiobooks–is fantastic. My only caveats are that traversing dungeons and fighting gets kinda old. The dungeons are all flat–rooms connected via corridors, but only on a map; in game you can only move your party left to right. Also, it can kinda get boring fighting the battles, while the battle animations are nice, if you’ve seen them a hundred times I wish you could shut them off. Still very fun, though 😀

TIMAN: Got back in touch with Gorge! Nothing doing yet, but we should be back in business soon 😀

But despite spending a couple of days on Darkest Dungeon, I did manage to get some nice work done on my dissertation. I’m currently going through the entire draft (not just one chapter this time), making all the minor corrections my professors wanted, but also thinking about some of the larger reorganizational issues they raised. Right now I’ve got 138 out of 192 pages looked over, so I’m more than halfway done! When I finish, I’ll send an email to my profs asking for a bit of guidance on where to go from here. I’ll post a copy of that email next week so you guys can get some insight into what I’m thinkin’ of. That entry will be longer than this one–I really did get a lot of work done over the past few days, but since it’s mainly review there’s not so much to say about it. Next week’s dissertation saga entry should be a good deal longer. Till then, ciao~

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