Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 20 (Season 2): Nothing doing!

Damn, sorry, my friends. I got barely any work done on my dissertation this week! I did go to the library and pick up a couple of other books, but not much else besides that. I didn’t waste it away on absolutely nothing, as I did a lot of what I consider good writing. I got into an extended debate for most of the week about proving syllogisms right or wrong, and I also wrote up an answer for /r/askhistorians I’m reasonably proud of:


Still, none of that has to do with my dissertation. I’m not too worried though, as I’m not exactly “behind schedule.” I got plenty of time to get something in. So, starting tomorrow, I’m gonna go max hardcore and really buckle down on it. With some extra elbow grease I should be able to make up next week what I didn’t in this one ;D

Aside from that, I also caught ep. 31 of Jojo. That was one weird enemy Stand…though honestly I’m kinda getting bored of all these different Stand users, they strike me as “monster of the week” type things. Well, ‘least I won’t have to wait too long, the series is ending soon…it shouldn’t be long for us to get to the climactic fight with Kira 😀 See ya next week, brothers and sisters!

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