Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 19 (Season 2): Deep theoretical thoughts!

As with last week, pretty good times recently. Here’s the lowdown:


Jojo 30: Oh noooo, a cute blue cat died! ;____; Seriously though, this was another good episode, though I think the series is gonna end soon. The relationship between Kira and his new wife is surprisingly subtle, and the ‘dead cat’ stand was both strange, scary, and nifty.

I also bought the Boogeyman collection–5 movies for 8 dollars–at a dollar store earlier this week. Honestly, it wasn’t worth it…I watched the first movie on there, the 2005 Boogeyman, and came out distinctly unimpressed. The monster didn’t seem to make any sense, why did it kill/steal people? And the weakness they exploited at the end had no real explanation at all. The monster itself was fairly ugly and CG-Riffic, not very intimidating. I wasn’t happy at all. Oh well…


Not much…Grinding a bit in Vindictus, but not much else besides that.


Nope, nothin doin.


I’ve started to look up some moar books that *may* be useful for the changes I’ve been asked to make. In addition to Dru-Stanley’s From Bondage to Contract, of course, I’m looking at:

Charles Mills’s The Racial Contract, which I think was what Professor A wanted me to check out,

Its followup, The Contract and Domination, written by Mills and Carole Pateman,

Frederick Douglass and the Atlantic World by Fionnghuala Sweeney,

The Civil War as a Crisis in Gender by LeeAnn Whites,

Reconstructing the Household by Peter W. Berdaglio.

I’ve also been continuing to go over the second draft of my first chapter. I think I’ve got some ideas: I’ll reframe the chapter around the very good analysis Dr. H complimented near the end, and have subheadings based around the paragraphs he liked: Emotion/Sentimentality, Defense, Control, Protection, Patrimony, and Paternalism (gotta keep my paragraphs shorter, too). This method of reorganization might also help me keep track about how the attitude of my subjects towards these concepts changed over time, which is another important consideration.


Nothin yet, I’m still reading and considering my next moves. Maybe next week, maybe not…I’m in no rush.

Aaaand that does it for this week, see ya in the next 😀


  1. cormagravenstaff · · Reply

    I think this may be a question that I should have asked a long time ago, but what is you dissertation about specifically?

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