Living the Good Life, Episode 22 (October 7, 2016): More relaxan!

Ah, now THIS was a nice week 😀


Still haven’t finished macross yet, haven’t really been in the mood. Maybe I’ll do it next week.

OPM dub ep. 9: Honestly…there’s not much to say about this dub as a dub, aside from what’s already been said, as it hews pretty damn accurately to the subtitles I watched. I’m loving the voices, at this point I think I may even prefer the dub to the original Japanese, and I loved that (my main complaint about the dub is that they shortened the EDs and OPs!).

But this episode…it always makes me tear up a little. It did in the Japanese, and it did today. True heroism ;_;

OPM dub ep. 10: Tatsumaki’s voice is fitting, though not particularly distinctive…I kinda got the impression they had the same lady voice her as for the other female characters who’ve shown up so far, but it’s still good I suppose.

OPM dub ep. 11: I kinda got the impression Tatsumaki’s voice was a little different in this episode compared to the other ones. Some folks on Reddit mentioned she sounded flat rather than sassy; maybe that’s because she was being serious at this point. Or maybe it’s just me. Other than that, I thought Boros’ voice was very good and Saitama’s “OK” was just perfect. XD

Jojo 26: Who would have thought that rock-paper-scissors was so much fun? This struck me as a filler episode, mainly, so nothin much to say about it.

Jojo 27: Ah, I love Josuke’s get-rich-quick schemes. XD I also thought the animation was very good! The way the alien guy transformed was nice 😀


Not really playin anything, just read read readan!


Nothin much, since my Italian translator, Gorge, is havin some computer problems ;_; Oh well.


Kinda doin more work than anything else. I’m looking through my dissertation to see what my profs commented on, thinking of how I’d implement their suggestions, that sort of thing. It has to do with what I’m…


Nothing specific, but I am getting a little presentation ready for…my trip to New Haven on Sunday! On Wednesday I gotta meet with my advisors to discuss what I gotta do for my second draft of my funssertation. Wish me luck ;D

And that does it for this week, I’ll tell all of you what’s been going on with my dissertation the next 😀

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