Living the Good Life, Episode 21 (September 23, 2016): Busy busy busy!

God damn! Not much relaxing this week, brothers and sisters, cause I’ve been cuh-ray-zee busy! I did manage to get a bit of relaxing done, though. Here’s what I’ve been doing…


Berserk 12 (last episode):

Urgh…what a letdown. Since the main antagonist, Mozgus, was killed in the previous ep, there’s not really a whole going on in this one. The most dramatic moment was when Griffith, the really main antagonist in the original manga, gets reincarnated into the material world. And even that was ruined by the crappy generic rock! Honestly, it’s like the director has no idea what he’s doing! There were a couple nice, inspiring lines (some of which weren’t in the manga) but aside from those, this ep really had little to recommend it.

That really sums up my feelings on the anime generally. What should have been completely fuckin’ awesome was rendered mediocre (at best) by terrible animation and lacking direction. The only good thing about it was maybe a few bits of good 2d animation, some nice lines and voice acting, and the music from Susumu Hirasawa, but instead of playing one of his songs in the climactic last scene, they just had some generic rock! Well, I sure hope the second season is better…

Jojo 25: As bad as Berserk was, Jojo seems to be good. The ghost’s stand power in this episode was pretty nifty, but IMO the real star is Kira Yoshikage, the main villain who jumped into someone else’s body to escape his pursuers. He really is a compelling villain…an absolute monster, but as cunning and sly as Hannibal Lecter, with an equally formidable intellect–though directed at more curiously mundane pursuits than Hannibal’s was. I can see why Jojo part 4 is so popular!

Haven’t seen OPM or Macross 25 this week, I’ll finish up Macross 25 and 26 on the same day, and catch up with the OPM dub by streaming.


Not really playin anything, just write write writing!


Next ep of Dragonar is OUT! Finally!


Aside from the books I’m writing about, I spent a bit of time on the latest Berserk manga chapter, 347. Can’t say much more than everyone else had said…most of the chapter was cutesy funny stuff, but as they progress deeper into Casca’s mind–Casca is the person they’re trying to cure of a trauma-induced mental regression–they reach the event that caused her trauma, the Eclipse. And that one final page–the image of the black sun–is just masterful. I cannot God damn wait until 2017!!!!


My biiiig essay on Aquinas. Hopefully it’ll be out soon…next Friday at the latest, but probably earlier ;D


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