Living the Good Life, Episode 20 (September 16, 2016): Relaxan!

Not much to say about this week, though it was pretty fun all around. I’ve been eating at a lot of different restaurants lately, lotta folks around here know me by name. A German place, an Italian place, and a Japanese place, mainly 😀 But anyways…


OPM 8: Easily the best episode yet! I wasn’t sold on Mumen Rider when I first heard his dub voice, but now I think the VA NAILED him! And both the Sea King and Puri Puri Prisoner were CLASSIC, haha. Though I imagine Prisoner’s schtick (flamboyant gay guy) might irritate some folks. He wasn’t portrayed in a negative manner, though, so IMO it’s OK.

Berserk 11 – The climactic battle with Mozgus should have been awesome, and it was a little better, but the scene cuts were still amateurish and the cinematography of the fight robbed it of much of its excitement, IMO. Ugh…ah, well, what can be done?

Jojo 24: Pretty fun, though sometimes Josuke’s healing power seems really arbitrary. It’s stated he can’t bring the dead back to life, but his friend had a hole punched through his chest for like 5 minutes and Josuke revived him anyways. Well, I guess that’s an author’s prerogative…

Macross 24: I think I’ve figured out who/what Mikumo is–a clone of an original Protoculture “star singer,” and I think her original name was Rudanjal Rom Mayan, but I can’t be sure of anything else. Aside from that, there was some tension when our heroes were supposed to be executed, but we all knew they would escape somehow, so that was expected :p One of them was also shot, but again, I doubt she’ll die.


Didn’t really do much. I’ve been mainly reading…I did get Halcyon 6 and One-Way Heroices 2 recently, though, so maybe I’ll start on those next week.


Grr, still haven’t been able to get it out yet! Been busy with some reading and writing. Hopefully this weekend, though…


A lot of Edward Feser’s Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide along with David Oderberg’s Real Essentialism, both defenses of a moral theory from Aristotle called essentialism. I discussed and critiqued that a bit on my previous book review of Feser’s The Last Superstition, but these two books seem to address some of my criticisms. I thought both were respectable efforts on their own (though Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide is curiously less beginner-friendly than The Last Superstition in some respects), but I hardly agree with their arguments much, which is why I’m…


A (very) long review of Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide, which also addresses Real Essentialism a little bit. I’ve gotten some work on it done this week, but I’m not nearly finished…maybe I’ll show it off next week or the week after next. So wish me luck, till we meet again ;D

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