Living the Good Life, Episode 11 (July 8, 2016): Stomach bugs suck ;_;

Urgh, I’ve had an unproductive week. I got a nasty stomach bug on Sunday–Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, the works–and it kept me out of commission until Wednesday. So, I haven’t been able to get much done…thankfully, though, I’m feeling much better, back up to my normal standards, so next week should be back to normal. Here’s what I’ve managed to do for now:


Jojo 14, Macross 14, Berserk 1


Jojo: Not much fighting here like last week…or was there? The protagonist’s sidekick met a manga artist with a weird ability, and the conflict with him took up most of the episode. Not much to say about it, it was just like it was in the manga so I suppose that’s good.

Macross: No battling here either, though there was some excitement as the good guys had to make some emergency repairs to their ship. The interplay between the male protag and one of the female romance interests was amusing–the man apparently isn’t overly interested in romance XD–but generally, I can’t wait to see what the next episode holds and where the plot goes from here. :O

Berserk: Hoo, boy. First, the good:

The OP is pretty cool! I don’t like it as much as I liked the  original 90s OP, but it’s pretty nice and fitting on its own merits. The ED isn’t as good, but I didn’t care for the original 90s ED that much either.

The changes they made to the plot are sensible. They had to skip some stuff; I really wanted to see Lost Children but can understand why they didn’t animate that (too gory, even for Berserk). So they’re going right ahead to the Tower of Conviction arc, which means they smushed together a few things, like Guts meeting Puck, meeting with Isidro, and also fighting a demon tree and some skeletons (all were different events in the manga). Some folks didn’t like that, but I can at least understand the director’s reasoning.

Now, the bad…

The animation was TERRIBLE. Seriously, words cannot do it (in)justice, you have to see it in action to understand just how bad it looks in motion. The CG generated characters look ridiculous, like they stepped out of a PS3 cutscene, and move jankily. It’s sooo bad.

Also, the OST of the anime itself is pretty mediocre, IMO. Standard rock/metal, nothing like the 90s OST. The sound effects are also ridiculous, the huge sword Guts, the protagonist, wields sounds like a god damn frying pan when it hits enemies.

Even despite these drawbacks, though, I’ll keep watching…cause I love Berserk and I’ll be loyal to everything about it, even a bad anime. XD XD


After beating Gravity Rush, I tried playing some of the second Hokuto no Ken Musou game, Ken’s Rage 2. Ugh…it’s pretty bad! I don’t know why they changed it so much from the first. There’s no jumping, stage progression is different, etc. etc. etc…it’s a worse game all around, really annoying. I sure as hell hope they don’t mess with Berserk Musou’s game system like that…


Didn’t do much timing because I was sick, though I managed to get a little Kamen Rider thing finished for a friend of mine as a side project yesterday. But next week will be back on the Dragonar groove, hopefully 😀


Finally finished up the Watchmen graphic novel. Jesus…it really was as good as everyone said it was. I need to absorb it for a while, maybe I’ll do a full review of it later, maybe not.


Not much writan or dissertationan, cause I’ve been sick ;_; As with timing, next week will be better though, hopefully 😀


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