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Living the Good Life, Episode 5: May 6, 2016

Back to our regular schedule, friends! I’ve had myself a VERY productive week. Here’s the lowdown: WATCHAN: Jojo episode 5, Macross Delta episode 5, and the Escaflowne movie. Jojo: I’ll leave things vague so as to avoid spoiling people, but I’ll just say that bit with the photograph hit me in the feels a little […]

LBJ, “Free Shit,” and the Black Family (x-posted to Reddit and Tumblr)

Welfare is a touchy, complex issue with a very long history, one that involves everything from religious concern for the poor to the need for industrialized countries to grapple with the human costs of economic development. It is important, then, to examine the subject soberly and with great attention to what the past can teach […]