When Manospheres Merge: Bizarre Politicking and Petty Court Drama

Dr Elzabi 'Bob' Rimington

I have a secret hobby. It’s not the kind that you can confess openly in public without getting a lot of odd looks, a cleared throat, and a swift change in conversation topic, but I’m going to come clean about it here.

I like to watch drama happening on the Internet.

And I don’t mean Game of Thrones, I mean the stupid arguments that keyboard warriors and trolls get into on sites like Reddit. Pointless slap-fights, political flame wars, in-fighting and bickering, I munch it all down like penny sweets. Much like bingeing on cheap candy though, it can leave behind a bad taste and some mild nausea.

grumpytrump by goose 360 Grumpy Trump by Goose360

Particularly addictive and horrible is the nonsense spewed from the ‘alt right’, the new wave of retrogression and bigotry. It’s Gamer Gate, The Red Pill, MGTOW, Return of Kings, and pretty much all the corners of the Web that…

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