Fansubbing Behind-The-Scenes: The Timer’s Saga

Not much reading, playing, or writing done this week, my friends–because as I told you last, I’ve got a new translator for Dragonar and I’ve been spending most of my time timing for it!

A bit of explanation, in case you don’t know. When fansubbing–that is to say, creating fan-made subtitles for anime not officially released in English-speaking countries–the most important person is the translator who actually translates Japanese, but the timer does something important to. Using a program called Aegissub, he or she makes sure the subtitles show up in a reasonably-sized font (neither too big nor too small), show up in the right places at the right times, and generally handles other quality related things. In my case, I’m also responsible for providing the raw material! While Metal Armor Dragonar was never released in the U.S., it did get an Italian release, so I bought the DVDs and showed them to both an italian speaker (my buddy Gorgewall) and a Japanese speaker (first, Starseeker, and now my buddy UK Windom) to translate both the Italian dialogue and the Japanese dialogue 😀 Or, more specifically, I create scripts in aegissub of the Italian subtitles (since they came with the DVDs, yay), send them to Gorge, who translates them, and then I send those to UK Windom, to make sure they’re accurate to the Japanese.

So, what’s been keeping me particularly busy? Well, even though Japanese is tougher than Italian, UK Windom is INCREDIBLY fast and translates Japanese into English even faster than Gorgewall translates Italian into English! However, I think that’s because the Italian translations are usually pretty loyal to the Japanese dialogue (sometimes there are changes, but not usually too big), so that makes things very easy for UK. Thus, to make things easier on Gorge, I’ve taken to running the Italian through a translation machine before sending it off to him–yeah, machine translations are poor, but I hope they can give my friend at least a bit of guidance to make things a little easier for him. They also provide a basis for UK to work off of, not a perfect one but he’s so fast I might as well make use of him while I can 😀

From a timing perspective, though, it’s mind-numbing, for one who doesn’t know Italian…it’s annoying going back and forth between Aegissub and google translate. It takes me about 3 to 4 hours to finish one half-hour episode. Annoying, but it has to be done…at that rate, it’ll take me a month to get through all of what I have remaining–Dragonar is 48 episodes and UK Windom has done 22, so I have 26 episodes to go–one episode a day means just about a month, possibly just two weeks if I can go to two per day. But it’s weary work ;_; So yeah, that’s keeping me busy. I’ll get back to the writing and reading groove after I’ve done as much work on Dragonar as I can, since I wanna make as much use of UK Windom (I know I sound mercenary XD) before he gets stuff to do. And I have some work to do as well…my profs still haven’t got back to me about my dissertation and I’m feeling anxious, I’ll wager I’ll need to rewrite most of it ~_~ Plus, I may have to send my compy in for repairs…we’ll see next week, I’ll call the computer people on Monday.

Before I go for this week, though, somewhat happier news: First, Episode 17 of Dragonar is also ready to go, I’ll just let my quality checker, the lovely Starseeker, have another look at some stuff and then post it 😀 Second, I did manage to get a little watching done, from episodes 7 of both Jojo and Macross. I liked both, though I liked Delta in particular–we’re finally getting a better look at what the bad guys are doing! Like I said last week, I also caught The Darkness, I thought it was predictable and mediocre, though not terrible. Maybe I’ll catch another movie sometime, but I wanna buckle down on timing.

I also do confess I’ve made a few concessions to my own entertainment, though. I bought the Cromartie High School DVD set along with a bunch of Warhammer 40k books off Amazon–I’ve become interested in that tabletop game for some reason. But I haven’t watched or read any of it yet, I’ll get to it when I finish my work with Dragonar. So back to that…

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