Living the Good Life, Episode 6: May 13, 2016

Busy week, friends. Didn’t get much done on the reading, playing, and watching fronts, for reasons I’ll explain soon! Without further adieu…


Jojo episode 6, and Macross Delta episode 6.

Jojo: Pretty fun, but—and I suppose this is in accordance with the manga—it kind of has more of a slice of life feel now. Still, it’s fun watching Koichi grow into more of a badass, though I need to refresh myself on exactly how his stand works…

Macross: Very cool. The protagonist scored his first combat kill, but he took it better than most mecha protags I’ve seen. Interesting stuff ;o


Just a bit of Axiom Verge. Like Metroid, but scarier D:


Not that much reading either. I just finished off Them Dark Days—Dusinberre’s examinations of all three plantations, along of his choice of sources to interpret them, was quite compelling, though I also liked his briefer analysis of the WPA slave narratives at the end, and the larger point he maid (that slavery was profitable and productive, but NOT efficient) was very important—and that was pretty much it. As I’ll mention in the TIMAN section, I’ll be kept pretty damn busy for the foreseeable future ;o


Spent most of this week on another badhistory essay—I might post it here if I review and edit it and think it’s aces, but given how busy I am that might be up in the air. To understand why, see…


Things are REALLY heating up. First, I’ve got episode 16 out and ready for y’all:

The great thing is, that as I said in that post, I found a new translator! The other good thing is…he is REALLY fast, like incredibly super fast, so I’ve gotta push up my pace just to keep up with him! I’ll get in touch with my Italian translator, and I also need to set up the files for the second half of Dragonar (episodes 24-48). All this while waiting on my profs to get back to me (I dunno how long it’ll take them to do that, so I’d better get as much of my other stuff done as possible…this is on top of my computer giving me problems. So I think I’ll barely be able to read, play, watch, or write much next week—it’ll just be timing, timing, timing! Before that starts, though, I think I’ll catch that new movie “The Darkness” later today. I have time for one last movie XD

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