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Russia Without BS

For many years, one of my most passionate subjects was the “Eastern front” of WWII. Reading the memoirs of F.W. von Mellenthin and watching documentaries like Battlefield and World at War were probably one of the most important contributing factors which rekindled an interest in Russia that had waned due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Naturally, actually moving to Russia, with its abundance of sources and information often not published outside of the Former Soviet Union, was a sort of kid-in-a-candy-store experience. For about six of my nearly ten years here, I was obsessed with the idea of writing a novel or screenplay that I hoped would lead to the production of a film about Stalingrad. My vision was to create a Soviet version of something like Band of Brothers or The Pacific. It was to be dignified, remorselessly realistic and historically accurate. Whether it would have…

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