Living the Good Life, Episode 4: April 22, 2016

Another week, another update. You know the drill by now, my friends, so I’ll just get right down to it!


Still keeping up with Macross Delta and Jojo. Delta was really fun, the mercats which show up in the episode are so cute. Jojo is still pretty cool as well, even if you’ve already read the manga 8)

I’ve also watched all of the Macross II ovas, oddly enough–the dub is on Hulu for free, so I caught that. Aside from the dub being…well, you know, as dubs usually are, the anime itself is…OK. Kind of mediocre, and certainly not the best Macross product out there, but not too bad in and of itself as an exemplar of an early 90s OVA. To talk of the plot a bit…well, spoilers ahead, so be warned:

This OVA series wasn’t produced with much help from the original Macross staff like Shoji Kawamori, the folks at Studio Nue, etc. (aside from character designs by the inimitable Haruhiko Mikimoto) and it shows, IMO. The antagonists, the Marduk, are related to the antagonists of the original series (the Zentraedi), but exactly how or why is never really explained. They speak the Zentran language, and to inure their soldiers from enemy musicians (the way the original Zentraedi were beaten) they have their own singers called “Emulators,” but the reasons they diverged in this way from the original Zentraedi species is left unexplained.  It doesn’t really fit in with anything we saw in the original Macross series, and certainly not anything Kawamori and the original creators came up with later. And whiule the animation and fight choreography is OK, it’s nowhere near as awesome as the battle scenes in, say, Macross Plus or other Macross OVAs. So overall, while I’d say it’s “okay,” I can definitely see why it’s been forgotten.

This is not to say it’s all bad, Macross II did have some high points. Though it’s hard to show much character development in just 6 half-hour episodes, the protagonist, Hibiki, goes from an obnoxious news jockey who cares only about getting high ratings to a bona-fide journalist who genuinely cares about the truth. It was pretty satisfying for me to watch his growth. So in the end. I’d say these OVAs are worth a watch, but on their own they’re not the best 80s OVAs out there, and definitely not the best Macross installment.


Still up with Dark Souls III, and got the Platinum trophy just a few hours ago! Next week I might do a longer entry on it…but for now, though, I gotta sit back for a bit and digest everything. Phew…


Still not doing much reading…pretty much every bit of free time I have was taken up by Dark Souls III :p Now that I got a Platinum for that game, things will likely pick up on that front XD


See above.


Starseeker’s been making a bit of progress on Dragonar, despite being busy. Not as mucha s either of us might like, but since she’s a great deal busier IRL than I am, I’m happy she’s even finding any time to work on translation at all!

Phew, not much to say for this week…Hopefully next week will be more productive ;D


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