Living the Good Life, Episode 3: Dark Souls Edition

Another week, another update. You know the drill by now, my friends, so I’ll just get right down to it!


I finally finished up Tekkaman Blade today after buying the DVDs aaaaages ago. With all the screaming, Obari animation, and sexy mecha designs, along with the hardcore plot, it truly is…a MANime 8)

On a more serious note, I have to confess, it’s one of those shows that made me feel a little drained when it was done. Almost as if I was fighting alongside the protagonist, as silly as it may sound. Maybe it’s the length (it was around 46 episodes, a decent number for a 2-season show in the 90s, when it was made), but also the plot itself. No spoilers unless people want, but the protag struggled so, so hard, yet also developed a great deal (or at least as far as anime characters develop) as both a person and in his friendships. When it was all over, I felt good that his struggle ended successfully, and also accomplished that I finally finished this series, but…like I said above, exhausted, too, and also a little sad that it was all over. I’m probably not the only one who’s felt like that after completing an anime, right? :p

Jojo Part 4, episode 2. Again, it’s a faithful translation of the manga, though I’m impressed at how they didn’t censor very much…there’s one part where the villain literally bites off a dog’s face and they left most of it in. ;_;

I’m also on a Macross kick recently. Watched all 4 of the Macross Plus OVAs—wonderful animation, some of the best of its time, IMO. Also checked out the 2 Macross Frontier movies. I’m not sure if I liked them or the series better…I think I enjoyed both equally. And, of course, I caught the latest episode of Macross Delta (the second). I didn’t like it as much as the first…because there was no mecha breakdancing. It was still fun, though, I’ll be keeping up with the series yet 😀



I haven’t beaten it yet, but general thoughts: I rather like it so far. It’s better than Dark Souls 2 all around, all things considered—the graphics, level design, and bosses are muuuuuuch better, though it’s perhaps not as polished as it could be—there were several bugs which needed to be patched immediately on the PC, and while the console version is a little better, there are still a few annoying bugs here and there, like fog gates showing up for no reason in the central hub area. But no big deal, all things considered.

This game certainly does take a bit from Bloodborne. Some of the environmental assets seem like they came from BB, and some bosses seem similar to some of the Bloodborne DLC bosses, most notably the flaming sword fighters—you know which ones im talkin about ;D Not such a bad thing—as much as I love originality, I can tolerate reuse of a few assets and special effects here and there.

Yet…it still feels derivative in some other ways. The “Firelink Shrine” nexus, along with the level-up waifu and depressed guy, seem so stale now. I’ve seen like all of them five times now–in Demon’s, Dark I, Dark II, Bloodborne, and now Dark III. It seems like I’m playing the same game over and over. Ah, well…such is life. I guess they just had to have those elements, or else it wouldn’t be a Souls game, eh? XD

I’ll be back with more thoughts next week, hopefully after I’ve beaten the game once—or twice! Check out my youtube channel to see me facing off against the bosses:


James W. Loewen’s The Mississippi Chinese: Between Black and White, 2nd Edition. This one’s a little old—first written in 1971 and re-released in 1988—but it’s still good and most of its conclusions still valid, from what I’ve heard. It tells the story of the small but important Chinese community imported into the Mississippi Delta during Reconstruction who would eventually go on to dominate the grocery stores in that area.

I’m currently in the process of reading David Brion Davis’ Inhuman Bondage, though I haven’t finished it…I said last week I wanted to get as much reading done as I could before Dark Souls III came out, but I ended up watching too much Macross. Ah well, no biggie, not like I’m studying for orals 😀 Maybe I’ll get back to the reading grind after I get a platinum for Dark Souls III…and besides, I’ve been a lil productive on another front, which is–


Haven’t been writing much this week, waiting for feedback from my dissertation committees, BUT! I might have had some luck in finding some sources for at least one of my guys (George Fitzhugh). As it turns out, Case Western Reserve University does have an archive of papers donated to it from Fitzhugh;s biographer, Harvey Wish (who’s unfortunately dead)! The whole thing cost less than 250 bucks to digitize, so I figure I’ll have them scan Wish’s papers and send em to me…hopefully they have a little bit from Fitzhugh’s grandchildren, who were alive to give their reminisces about Fitzhugh to Wish in the 1940s, which would be at least a little useful info about his personal family life for my dissertation 😀


Alas, not much to report here. Starseeker, my translator for Dragonar’s Japanese track, is pretty busy IRL and can’t work that fast. Maybe I’ll have another episode out next week.

And that’s it, time to get back to Dark Soulsing…


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